Homeschool Helper: Taking the stress out of teaching time

It’s been a couple of weeks since parents of school-aged children found themselves suddenly cast in the role of  teacher to their kids. It’s been a steep learning curve: week one was spent shoving children in front of Joe Wicks at 9am while simultaneously getting the hang of multi-person video calls (‘We can’t hear you! Is your mic on? You’re sideways, Beverly!’) and printing out realms of worksheets from school doomed to be drenched in milk from upturned cereal bowls five minutes later. Week two brought acceptance – and the feeling that this has all been going on for a …

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Safe sits during social distancing for sitters

bubble’s Sarah Zeqiri offers some advice on how to work with your sitter to stay in line with Government social distancing guidelines, ensure safe sits and build brilliant relationships with parents Good fences make good neighbours: I love this old saying and it applies perfectly to a working relationship. If everybody knows what’s expected of them, it keeps misunderstandings to a minimum. During social distancing, not everyone will be looking for babysitters but you may be called upon by a key worker to look after their kids while they’re out looking after everyone else. So what guidelines should you set …

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