3 Tips on how to beat those first sit nerves

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So it’s normal to feel a little nervous the first time you book a sitter with Bubble. You may worry about the sitter and whether they’ll get on with your child or whether your child will get upset because they’re meeting someone new. You may get anxious because your house is messy and you’ve been so busy you haven’t had time to tidy up much. You may be unsure what the right etiquette because you’ve only ever dealt with a babysitter before and even then you had to ask friends what the right procedure was (like are you expected to order them a taxi home?) Here’s 5 easy tips on how to deal with those first time nerves.

Give the sitter a call

After you’ve booked your sitter, book in a time to call them so you can have a quick chat about the sit and what your expectations are. Or if you don’t want to call, you can use the messaging function so you can let them know more details on the sit. It’s also a good idea to ensure your profile is up to date so the sitter can see the age of your child or children too and knows what to expect. The more prepared the sitter is, the more prepared they will be and the more relaxed they will feel. You can also tell them what your plans are i.e. whether you intend to stay at home during the sit (if it’s during the day for example and you’ll be working in another room), or whether you’re going to be out.

Tell the sitter what your child loves to do

If it’s a daytime sit and your child is awake then it’s useful to paint a picture of the typical things your child enjoys doing. This helps the sitter familiarise themselves with your child and will also make the transition when they arrive go more smoothly. So if they’re a massive Paw Patrol fan or love Frozen, tell the sitter and this will help them create activities that are fun and feel safe and familiar too. Show the sitter where their favourite toys and books are too so they can find things easily and can map out things to do during the sit.

Leave snacks and drinks for your child

For nighttime sits, leave formula/bottles near so the sitter can prepare one of these if the baby wakes up and needs feeding. Also let the sitter know if there is a specific routine that helps calm your child down if they wake up (like they may have a favourite soft toy that helps soothe them for example). If it’s a sit during the day and if it’s looking after older children then you can also leave out snacks – these provide a great distraction and again make the routine with the sitter feel familiar and comfortable for your child.



Once you’ve had your first sit you’ll wonder why you worried about it in the first place (and you’ll be eager to book again).