Why Bubble is great in the lead up to Christmas

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Christmas can be a stressful time because there is usually a lot of admin for parents to do. If children are of school age then the ping of the school WhatsApp groups alone can be enough to send even the most calm parent over the edge. There are obviously presents to buy too and then the Christmas food shopping needs to be organised too.

Here’s 3 ways Bubble can help in the run up to Christmas:

Help with the Christmas shop

Christmas shopping that needs doing? There is nothing worse than doing Christmas shopping with children in tow. It is pretty much impossible in fact. So why not book a sitter for three hours so they can entertain the children at home whilst you get your shopping done (and have a quiet lunch at the same time so you can refuel?)

Help with Christmas related admin

Do you need to plough through some Christmas related admin and planning? Perhaps you’ve offered to organise a family get together and need to work out who is eating what and where they’re going to sit and whether you need to borrow a spare bed from somewhere? Book a sitter so you can dedicate a couple of hours to that admin you’ve been putting off. There is also a lot more school related admin at this time of year so you can get on with that and then reward yourself with a some ‘me-time’ that is spent on something less productive (i.e. a nap).

Help with the Christmas food shop

Is the food shop filling you with dread? It’s hard not to get stressed out when you’re Christmas and need to work your way through that Christmas catering shopping list. If you book a sitter then it might still be stressful but at least you can do it quickly and efficiently (without getting more items put into the trolley that you didn’t set out to buy in the first place).

If you love your sitting experience and your sitter (and we find this is often the case) then you can re-book that sitter again and add them to your favourites on the app too.

Lots of Bubble parents use Bubble if they’re in need of more last minute childcare or something unexpected comes up.

Why not give us a try?