Making Bubble one of your New Years resolutions

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Parenting has been especially tricky of late and as we get ready to launch ourselves into 2022 it’s important to set time aside to re-group and think about what matters.

What are the things you want to do more of?

And what about the things you want less of?

It is of course important to spend quality time with your children but many parents haven’t prioritised themselves over the past few months which has resulted in them feeling tired, and ill equipped to navigate parenting. Here at Bubble we believe that flexible childcare can really help in a range of different ways:

It helps keep a sense of perspective.

When we’re going through a challenging time parenting wise then having a bit of time away from the situation can help us re-frame the challenge and think about things more clearly.

It helps put ‘fuel in our parenting-tank’

The reality is that parenting can feel relentless physically at times and so we need to set aside a bit of time to look after ourselves – physically and mentally. Booking a couple of hours childcare and going to the gym or having a massage mean that we have renewed energy and stamina.

Sharing our parenting ups and downs help things feel more manageable

Spending time with friends and sharing things that are challenging helps lessen the load. We feel less alone and more connected and ultimately realise that parenting is challenging for everyone and we’re all doing the best we can.

Having access to flexible childcare gives you the time you need to re-group so you feel ready to parent again.

Why don’t you make booking a sit with Bubble one of your resolutions for 2022? It will probably be the one resolution you will want to keep to in 2022!