The childcare guide for freelancers

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When you are freelancing or just at the first stages of setting up your own business childcare can feel really challenging. Many childcare options expect you to commit to particular hours and this means that it’s hard if you have a couple of hours where you suddenly need to to work- to write a pitch or to respond to a last minute client enquiry. It can also be hard because you often end up working in the evenings when your children are in bed, just so you can get work done. This is okay for a while but isn’t sustainable if you’re doing it all the time.

Here’s how the Bubble childcare app can help:

You can post a job fairly last minute so if you suddenly find yourself with some work to do, you don’t need to be in a mad panic.

You can either post a ‘single sit’ or you can look for ‘regular help’. The ‘regular help’ option is good if you’re looking for a sitter who can provide childcare on a certain day each (so if you’re dedicating a Friday to working on your business/dealing with clients).

Bubble can be flexible in terms of the time frame you need. So you may want to do three hours and not commit to a whole day. It’s rare that you can do this with alternative childcare providers and means you can dedicate some of your day to your freelance work and the rest to looking after your children without having to book and pay a whole day of childcare that you don’t need.

You can re-book your favourite sitters if you find one sitter that really gels with you and your family and want to continue using them. You can also read reviews of sitters to see what other parents have said about them and help this steer your choice.


You can of course cancel your sit if you need to (i.e. if there is a work-related cancellation or you need to reschedule something)- this also doesn’t result in you paying for a full day of childcare (which is often the case with other sources of childcare).

Lots of Bubble parents are setting up their own businesses and using Bubble for their childcare needs.

Why not give us a try to see for yourself?