How to book a sitter at the last minute

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If 2021 has taught us anything it’s that our childcare needs can change from one minute to the next. So one minute we may have planned to be in the office but suddenly find ourselves in the position of WFH. Or we have to do a re-scheduled meeting because someone has been taken ill. We have had to become more agile and flexible as parents but childcare hasn’t necessarily caught up with us.

So what if you find yourself in the position where you need a sitter but it’s a last minute request and perhaps your usual childcare provider can’t support you.

Here’s a few quick tips:

Don’t panic!

This is important. We know how disorientating it can feel when you have to work at short notice. You may feel frazzled by the last minute changes you need to make and the impact these changes of plan have on the rest of your schedule (maybe you’d planned a more relaxing routine or you’d booked an activity for your child that you have to now cancel.) The thing is you’re doing the best you can and change is disorientating at the best of times. Breathe. Take a few moments to centre yourself and then get ready with a plan.

Get on the Bubble app and post your job

Now you’ve calmed a little, it’s time to post your job. Put the time and date in and how long you’ll need to sitter for. Also add in any other additional details that might be useful like what you’ll be doing i.e. working in another room. Wait for sitters to come forward.

Confirm your sitter

Next it’s time to look at the profiles of the sitters that have come forward. If it’s a couple of days before the sit is due to happen then you may not have as much choice as you’d usually expect. Then choose your sitter and message them to give them more details on the sit so you can shape their expectations.

Get on with your day

It really is that simple. Once the sit is confirmed and the sitter is booked then you can go about your business again. We have hundreds of parents who use us for last minute childcare and have found us super useful when things become even more unpredictable than normal.

So why not give us a whirl today?