When is the perfect time to book a sitter?

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Many of our Bubble parents like to book a sitter if they’re going out in the evening and want to have a nice meal or go to the cinema. However Bubble is also perfect for other occasions too. In fact it can be used in a myriad of ways.

Catching up on life admin

We all know that we’re overloaded with life admin at times so how about booking a sitter to come to the house during the day so you can go through that dreaded ‘to do list’ and turn it into a ‘ta da list’ instead? Many of our parents use their time to finally tackle the tasks that have been waking them up at three in the morning. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with two hours of child-free time.

Having a well deserved pampering session

If you can’t be bothered to catch up with life admin (or just want to put it off for another day), how about booking a sitter for a couple of hours and going out for a spa treatment. This could be a massage or a facial or even getting your hair cut. These are all things that are stressful, or downright impossible with a child in tow. Alternately you could get the therapist/hairdresser to come to you and the sitter can look after your little one whilst you get a stress-free treatment and can fully relax.

A therapeutic sorting out session 

We all know that there are emails and other admin you need to do but how about the tasks around the house that are difficult to do when you have children to look after at the same time? These may even be things you enjoy doing like up-cycling an old chair or clearing out your wardrobe so you can free up some space. Or even doing a small DIY project (an enjoyable one rather than something too taxing). If you book a sitter then you can finally get down to some to it and have that lovely smug feeling when you’ve tackled something you’ve been putting off for a while.

Lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in ages

There is always that friend that you exchange WhatsApp messages with but never actually get to see. If you book a daytime sit then you could go for lunch and finally talk face to face. We all know that if you’ve got small children your conversation tends to be interrupted every couple of seconds because you have to chase them around the restaurant/coffee shop. This way you can have a good quality catch up and return refreshed and ready to embrace parenting again.

The great thing is there are so many ways you can use Bubble creatively to buy yourself some time.

Why not give it a whirl today and book a sitter with us?