How Bubble can help with your event

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When you’re organising an event thinking about childcare and how to keep children happy and engaged can feel stressful. Here at Bubble we regularly work with event organisers and brands to provide tailored childcare.

Here’s a few examples of how you can use us:

For children’s parties

If you’re organising a children’s party and have different ages of children present (maybe younger siblings coming along), why not book a  sitter to look after the younger children? Or alternately you can ask the sitter to help with some of the set up of the party (as long as this has been agreed in advance) so you have an extra pair of hands on the day.

For corporate events

If you’re running a panel or a networking event and parents will be in attendance, why not get us to create a ‘Bubble hub’ where we can provide sitters, toys and entertainment? This means parents can bring children with them but won’t get too sidetracked and can enjoy the event in relative peace and quiet.

Baby groups

We know that baby groups are important because they allow new parents to get out of the house and connect with other parents. This is often the first step towards re-gaining a sense of identity as a new parent. We regularly provide sitters for baby clubs so that young children can be left with the sitter for a while. This gives parents a chance to relax and eat some food/drink a cup of coffee without interruptions (which can feel like a massive ask at times).

Retail spaces

We also work with retail brands to provide sitters for shopping events. Again this provides some me-time for parents and they can browse without distractions – knowing their children are being taken care of by a trusted sitter.

Exercise/fitness classes

We can also provide sitters if you are organising a fitness class or relaxation session for parents. Again these are things that parents find hard to prioritise because they’re just not compatible with taking children along too. So if you are a personal trainer, own a sports club or a yoga instructor, why not book a sitter and see what a difference having a sitter at your session makes (and how it ups your attendance rates too).

So why not give Bubble a whirl and see how we can help with your event?