What to do when you suddenly have no childcare

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Parents can sometimes find themselves in situations where an unexpected work meeting has come up, or regular childcare is unavailable due to sickness, or there is something important that needs doing but is impossible to do with children in tow. It’s easy to get into a panic when these situations arise and worry because there isn’t anyone who can step in and help. Some parents may be lucky enough to live near family and can reach out for support in these situations but others don’t and so will be in a position where they need childcare fairly quickly and this childcare needs to be someone they can trust.

Here’s how the Bubble childcare app can help:

Parents can book Bubble for a flexible amount of time i.e. you don’t have to commit to a rigid schedule. So if you just need childcare for three hours for example then you can post a job on the app and sitters will come forward relatively quickly. This is perfect if it’s a one-off occasion (though there is also the option to look for ‘regular help,’ too if you want childcare to cover a specific period of time each week).

Parents can book at relatively short notice. So if childcare is required that week then it’s just a case of posting the job including the time and date and then waiting for sitters to come forward.

All sitters are fully verified and you can read reviews that other parents have written and also read the sitters’ profiles before you make your decision.

If you love your sitting experience and your sitter (and we find this is often the case) then you can re-book that sitter again and add them to your favourites on the app too.






Lots of Bubble parents use Bubble if they’re in need of more last minute childcare or something unexpected comes up.

Why not give us a try?