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5 ways emergency childcare can be a gamechanger for working parents


Working parents know firsthand how challenging it can be to juggle career and family responsibilities. We’ve all had the panic set in when you see the nursery or school office number flash up on your phone, but what happens when an emergency arises and you need to find childcare on short notice? Suddenly, the balancing act becomes even more difficult, and it can feel like your whole world is turned upside down. That’s where emergency childcare comes in. In this article, we’ll explore how emergency childcare can be a gamechanger for working parents, providing a much-needed lifeline in times of crisis.


1. Flexibility: 


Parenting is never predictable. There’s always a high risk of tantrums, unexpected vomiting or that inset day that didn’t get added to your calendar. Emergency childcare can be a real gamechanger when this happens, offering the flexibility you need to deal with exactly these sorts of unexpected events or emergencies. Being able to book childcare at short notice provides the flexibility needed  to handle unexpected changes without having to miss work or find a last-minute solution, which as we all know can be stressful and disruptive to working life. This can be helpful for last-minute changes in your working week, the need to stay late at work, or a sudden illness or personal emergency. It offers the ability to attend additional work events or opportunities which may otherwise be missed out on due to the often restrictive nature of childcare placements and the additional cost of making changes or adding additional hours.


2. Peace of mind:


Emergency childcare enables working parents to have peace of mind by taking away some of the stressors they are facing. We know that childcare decisions are never simple for parents and at Bubble we ensure that we do all of the ground work for you so that you can be confident with your sitter, providing  peace of mind and the assurance that your children will be cared for in the event of unexpected circumstances. We give parents total control, flexibility and peace of mind with our 12 Trust pillars.


On average, childcare breakdown occurs 8 times a year for working parents. Having access to emergency childcare can help with the burden of trying to manage work and family responsibilities when faced with unexpected childcare challenges.  


3. Professional growth: 


We hear from too many parents who are struggling with burnout and are overwhelmed by the mental load of finding childcare. Having supportive childcare options in place reduces stress and improves overall well-being, which can ultimately lead to improved productivity and professional performance. It allows working parents to focus on their work without distractions or interruptions, leading to better time management and increased efficiency. Emergency childcare provides opportunities for professional development, such as training and networking events, that may not be possible if the professional is unable to attend due to childcare responsibilities.


4.  Financial stability: 


With the current cost of living crisis and the rising costs of childcare, security around finances is a very real concern for working parents. Emergency childcare can help working parents maintain their income and financial stability by preventing the need to miss work or the need to find expensive last-minute childcare solutions, which can have a significant financial impact. If a parent is unable to work due to a lack of child care options, they may be forced to take unpaid leave or be left with a hefty childcare bill. By providing a reliable and affordable emergency child care option, parents can feel more secure in their ability to meet their financial obligations and support their family.


5. Improved work-life balance 


We all talk about the ‘juggle’ and the pandemic showed that attempting to multitask between childcare and work creates high levels of stress and an inability to ‘switch off’. Emergency childcare can improve work life balance for working parents by providing a reliable and safe option for unexpected situations, reducing stress and burden.  Access to emergency childcare provides working parents with the opportunity to be fully present at work and to avoid blurred boundaries around work time and family time. This can help them to better manage their time and responsibilities, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling work and personal life. 


In short, emergency childcare can be a gamechanger for working parents who are struggling to juggle their career and family responsibilities. It provides a much-needed safety net when unexpected events arise, such as a sick child or a last-minute work meeting. By having a reliable backup plan in place, parents can feel more confident and secure in their ability to manage their work and home lives. Having access to emergency childcare can make all the difference in helping working parents and their families thrive.


How Bubble for Work can help


Currently, only 11% of employers offer any kind of childcare benefit, but the expectations of employees and potential hires is rising. With working parents making up 3 in 7 of our workforce, and 74% of Millennials planning to start a family, recruiting the best and brightest requires a family-friendly workplace. 

With Bubble for Work you can give working parents access to subsidised, flexible childcare – providing support where they need it the most. Book a call with us today to learn more about how we can help you create a workplace that supports families.

Visit joinbubble.com/ for-employers to learn more on how forward- thinking businesses like Uber and Vitality use Bubble to help their future, expecting and existing parents excel across life stages.


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