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Getting Hybrid Working Right

What does work life balance look like in a hybrid workplace? What have we learned about work and life, and what it means to be successful at both? What’s shifted? And how can we reach new heights as organisations, which at the heart of it are really just collections of people?

Across the workforce many realised there’s more to life than money, and called on organisations to focus not just on productivity but on general wellbeing. As we Return to Work, there is no going back to what was ‘normal’.

The opportunity is great for HR and management to decide ‘What will your new normal be?’.

Will it be more encouraging of work-life balance? As lockdown restrictions ease and the prospect of returning to the office becomes more pressing, people are starting to think about their options. While not every employee may have children, we all have lives, families and obligations that can no longer be overlooked by employers.

HR teams that can figure out how to support employees with a more balanced work culture and comprehensive offering of support will succeed at retaining employees, attracting top talent, and outperforming the market.

Welcome to the Future of HR.

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