I’m Morgan, one of the co-founders of Peachies. Peachies make premium nappies engineered for exceptional softness and longer nights – so my mat leave was, for many reasons, short and sweet.

Here’s how I’ve weathered the transition back to work:


Bubble for work by Morgan, Co-founder of Peachies. An image of Morgan with her baby. 1. Plan, plan, plan.

Every Sunday night my partner and I sit down and discuss the week ahead. We have a joint calendar where we map out our commitments – personal and professional – and chat through what’s (ideally) unmoveable, where we need childcare coverage and where we have any overlaps so we can swap things around.

2. Routine

For both you and baby – helps us tremendously. We have a flexible structure for the day that outlines feeding times, naps, playtime, bath time, bedtime. We also try to think about when we’ll get out of the house to ensure the little one gets fresh air. Each parent is responsible for particular areas whether that’s bath time or making the morning coffee with baby in tow. We try to stick to it. We try to play to each other’s strengths.


3. Get using Bubble.

This is a biggie. We’re an expat family with no family closer than a 2.5hr flight (his). Mine requires a transatlantic trek. We’ve had to transition to external childcare more quickly than a lot of our contemporaries. Bubble has made that journey as smooth as possible. We’ve been able to find high-quality care at an affordable price. We’ve gone the one-off sit route (as opposed to finding more permanent solutions) so that we could build up a network of different sitters we trust. I’ve found the ability to not only read reviews but also message other parents to ask for their feedback is one of the most helpful features of the app. I love that each sit is insured, that the sit time is tracked on the platform so everyone is clear on the job done, and that payment is simple. But the thing I appreciate most is how secure everything feels. You can see videos of sitters introducing themselves, message them directly and see if they have credentials such as DBS checks or first aid experience. Shout out to all the sitters we’ve had watch our little one, you’ve been amazing. Thank you for your patience with us new parents, your kindness and your care.

4. Trust your gut

Trust your gut always, but know some discomfort is a sign of growth. There’s a difference between that niggling feeling that something is wrong versus leaning into the discomfort of milestones such as leaving your child for the first, second, third (and beyond) time.

5. Repeat after me

‘I’m doing a good job.’ Repeat it often. Because you are.

Want to try Bubble for yourself? Download the app. Or contact us to learn more about Bubble for work.