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What Options Do Parents Have If Summer Camps Get Shut Down?

Summer camps are the backdrop for many fun childhood memories. It’s only natural that parents wouldn’t want to deprive their children of the summer camp experience for yet another year in a row. But as the outside world opens up and covid cases continue to rise, even plans for summer camp can not escape the uncertainty of our times.

This where emergency backup childcare can be a huge help. Camp operators have taken as many safety measures and government guidelines into account as possible in order to ensure young people can have a fun, safe time this summer.

Even still, parents may find themselves in need of a last minute nanny or babysitter. Despite news headlines of high-end summer camp closures, the reality is everyday families led by single, dual and working parents of all incomes rely on camp programmes to help get through the summer. This is an issue that affects every parent, and every employer.

In the unfortunate instance of summer camps getting shut down parents are left without many options. Many parents raising children today don’t have family members nearby or able to help watch their little ones at a moment’s notice. Without access to flexible backup care, summer camp plans falling through can be a source of great stress and disruption.

How will you help working parents?

The pandemic is especially difficult for staff balancing parenting and work responsibilities. Business and HR leaders have an opportunity to be truly family-friendly and introduce timely benefits addressing the summer childcare and ongoing practical needs of working parents. Businesses can, and many already are doing more to support working parents who make up 3 in 7 of our workforce.

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