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Supporting The Work-Life Balance Of Working Parents

Surviving the summer holidays as a working parent is no easy feat.

The pandemic has made this dreaded balancing act especially difficult for working mums and dads caught between work responsibilities and their children’s summer scheduling. As an HR leader there are a few things you can do right now to take the pressure off of working parents.

Do more for wellbeing

Many working parents are close to burnout, so now is the perfect time to double down on wellbeing. As part of our Working Parents Club, we recently hosted a virtual mindfulness session on behalf of our corporate partners, which gave parents an opportunity to learn new, practical wellbeing techniques and support one another. We now know the importance of taking mental health breaks, and for working parents that means giving permission and space for time spent not working or parenting.

Offer tangible support

Companies that have used the summer to cement their flexible working policies are opening up job opportunities to working mums and dads for whom long commutes and rigid scheduling have been a deterring factor. The most forward-thinking of companies are integrating flexible childcare support into their hybrid working infrastructure so that working parents – mums and parents of small children especially – can reap the full benefits of their flexible work policies.

Become an advocate

You can educate yourself on what working parents need, and the innovative ways that employers are bolstering support for them. One way you can do this is by subscribing to Bubble HR Hub’s monthly digest you can subscribe to containing industry research, best practices and latest insights.

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