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Ada’s List Partners With Bubble For Startups

The technology sector has historically struggled with gender diversity, and though many companies have succeeded in attracting higher numbers of female talent, retention remains a challenge. If there’s one thing the pandemic has shown, it’s how essential work-life balance and family support is to keeping women in the workforce. Just as larger companies adjust their benefits packages to appeal to more diverse talent, early stage startups, too, must broaden their benefits packages.

We recently announced the launch of Bubble For Startups, a new initiative awarding £50,000 in childcare credits to tech startups based in the Greater London region. Ada’s List is supporting the launch of this programme, with a shared belief that it’s never too early to embed diversity and inclusion into your organisational strategy.

“I’m still struck by the stat (admittedly from the US) that women accounted for 100% of jobs lost last December, primarily due to COVID making it impossible to balance family commitments and careers. It’s shocking to think that, statistically, every person who left the workforce in that month is female. Those extreme shocks put us back years in our journey towards equality and perpetuate the unfair need for women to choose between parenting and their careers.


Companies like Bubble are helping us right this historical wrong by providing free childcare so women can pursue their dreams without having to sacrifice their families. We hope we see many more people and companies jumping in to support Bubble and entrepreneurial mums globally!”


— Mara Larson-Richard, Ada’s List

Encouraging diversity with childcare

Bubble is a family support provider offering start-ups the chance to add on-demand and emergency childcare to their employee benefits packages and appeal to more diverse talent. Early-stage, Greater London start-ups will be awarded £1,000 of free childcare credits, which can be exchanged for flexible childcare on the Bubble Childcare app through the Bubble For Startups programme.

Submit your application to the Bubble For Startups programme today!

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