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7 in 8 Nonparent Staff Think Employers Should Support Parents

Seven in eight UK financial sector workers who are nonparents agree that employers should provide support to working parents, according to a poll conducted by Bubble For Work.

When the pandemic first hit, news headlines were filled with stories of working parents struggling to cope with homeschooling, and an alarming exodus of working mums from the workforce. Now as nonparent peers more easily resume office work and working parents risk being left behind, the majority of nonparents are empathising with colleagues who have childcare responsibilities.

The poll of 300 UK financial services employees across banking, investment management, insurance, and capital markets found that 87% of nonparents support working parents receiving targeted employer support. Ari Last, CEO of Bubble, says: “These research findings are a clear signal that the majority of workers are in favour of working parents receiving support from businesses. For the return-to-work to be equitable and inclusive, it’s evident that employers must look beyond one-size-fits-all policies.”

Sarah Hesz, Chief Commercial Officer of Bubble and working mum of three, remarks: “With working parents more likely to opt for hybrid and remote working, we’ve heard from lots of businesses seeking to alleviate fears of a motherhood penalty. Offering family support to working parents, women especially, is the right thing to do not just for mums but for society as a whole. It’s a meaningful first step towards restoring gender equality, and even those without children can appreciate this fact.”


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