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5 Work Perks on the Rise for 2022 and Beyond 

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s a good time to start thinking about the talent you’ll need for business growth and survival in the year ahead, and how you plan to attract and retain the people you want. Because if this year has taught us anything, it’s that in today’s candidate-led market, employees’ expectations are changing. 

There was a time that high salaries were enough to bag you the cream of the crop: simply offer a competitive package, coupled with the promise of career progression, and you had your pick of the talent pool. But people are more complex creatures now; thanks in part to the pandemic bringing new priorities into sharp focus.

The employee of today has wellbeing, flexibility, and a good work-life balance in mind – and that’s something savvy businesses are tapping into with the employee benefits they’re bringing to the table.

But what work perks are on the rise? And where does emergency childcare feature in the mix? 

Here are the Top 5 Employee Benefits for 2022:

1. Emergency childcare and family benefits

Research from the Fawcett Society found that 35% of working mothers lost work or hours due to a lack of childcare support during the pandemic. No wonder then that emergency childcare provision will be big business in 2022! We have already witnessed a rise in both interest and investment in family and childcare benefits in 2021, and our Bubble for Work offering was designed to meet that need. 

With the rise of remote working, the potential for further school closures, and the possible need for family units to isolate in light of the new Covid variant, the burden on families isn’t likely to ease any time soon. And with reliable childcare helping to increase employee engagement, wellbeing and retention, employers would be wise to invest in family-friendly policies and employee benefits. 

2. Mental health support

Better workplace mental health support can save UK employers up to £8 billion per year.

During the pandemic, mental health became a serious global problem – and costs to employers are soaring. But investing in employee wellbeing and workplace mental health support can help to counter the effects, and demonstrate your commitment to your people.

Whether you invest in wellbeing apps, support services, paid time off for mental ill health – or all three – potential new recruits will be looking for a show of empathy and compassion from companies before they commit to any new role.

3. Flexible working

Research from Microsoft found that 71% of UK workers want flexible working options to continue after the COVID-19 crisis has passed. And with a renewed focus on a healthy work-life balance, and more importance placed on wellbeing than ever before, it’s hardly surprising. 

As well as benefitting employees, flexible working has a positive impact on productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction – meaning you’re less likely to lose your best people. Whether you afford your teams flexibility in working time or location, offering flexible working as a standard employee benefit will stand you in good stead for the year ahead.

4. Home office expenses

Research from Mercer found that nearly a third of companies are reimbursing their newly remote employees for their laptops, and more than 14% are paying for their ergonomic office furniture.

Despite the fact that home working saves your employees money on commuting costs, they’re using more electricity, needing better internet connections, and effectively turning their personal space into a workplace. Offering home office expenses then is a great way to show your appreciation. 

5. Coaching

If a company invests in its employees’ careers, 94% of people said they would stay at that company for longer; furthermore, employees who have access to professional development opportunities are 15% more engaged.

The world of work is constantly evolving – which means employees need to grow and develop their skills at the same rate. Offering coaching as an employee benefit demonstrates your commitment to career progression and personal development. This work perk can also have a trickle-down effect on your employees: as they learn more and increase in confidence, they’re likely to contribute more, and to a higher standard. 

Coaching is actually one of the employee perks offered as part of our Bubble For Work offering! To find out more, get in touch today.

Get in touch to discover how Bubble For Work can help with providing flexible childcare, on-demand health access and wellbeing support to your working parents.

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