The first few weeks after having a baby are a precious and sensitive time for most parents. Learning how to care for a newborn whilst operating on minimal sleep can be a struggle, particularly for mothers in that delicate postnatal period. For this reason, Night Nannies have become an increasingly popular option for parents who’d like dedicated, specialist support throughout the night.

What is a Night Nanny?

Night Nannies are not just regular nannies (but in the night!) – they are experienced nannies, often with newborn and sleep support certifications, who come to your house for 8-12 hours overnight to help care for your baby. They are often Maternity Nurses or Doulas, and can be referred to as ‘Night Nurses’, however since not everyone will have an official nursing qualification the term ‘Night Nanny’ is preferred.

What do they do?

A Night Nanny will look after your baby for 8-12 hours at night and offer guidance and support with infant sleep. They support your choice of infant feeding and help to feed the baby during the night. 

If you are breastfeeding they will bring the baby to you for feeds, and then change and settle the baby afterwards so that you don’t have to leave your bed.

If you are bottle feeding they will prepare all the feeds during the night whilst they care for your baby. They will prepare the bottle, feed baby and then help settle them back to sleep afterwards, making sure to clean and sterilise the bottles before they leave.

Often night nannies work with families who have a newborn or twins/triplets, but they can support though later sleep regressions too.

Clearly, having in-depth experience with caring for newborn babies is absolutely crucial to the role of a Night Nanny, and unsurprisingly, a nannies’ particular experience and skills in this regard is the thing parents focus on most when considering a particular Night Nanny.

What are the benefits of having one?

Night Nannies will support parents to get more sleep and will offer guidance on creating healthy sleep habits for your child in the long term. Having someone to help care for your baby at night will also enable you to parent more effectively during the day. Although it’s usual for babies to wake frequently at night, this is hard for parents who aren’t always supported by friends or family and who may have work commitments too. Humans were meant to parent as part of a tribe, so doing it alone or as part of a couple is super tough and you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out for help!

With a Night Nanny you will have experienced help on hand, who you can ask all your baby-related questions to, and your choice of feeding (breast, expressed, formula or combination) is respected and supported. Your night nanny will support your baby to become accustomed to sleep in a cot or crib, always adhering to the UK safer sleep guidance. Many are also certified to support infant feeding, reflux, colic and other issues that can worry new parents.

Who are Night Nannies for?

Every parent who would like to have more sleep! You can hire a night nanny as a one-off, once a week or even 6 nights a week until your little one is sleeping longer through the night. Many parents find that knowing they have one or two nights of better sleep to look forward to can get them through some tough times!

Night Nannies can be especially helpful in cases where a Mum has undergone a C-section or difficult birth experience, and may have difficulty getting up and down at night to feed their baby. Having some support enables them to care for their children whilst also supporting them to recover from the birth themselves.

Alternatively, if older babies or toddlers need support settling into a better sleep routine, Night Nannies can also help with that transition whilst allowing parents to rest and recuperate in the night.

How much do Night Nannies cost?

As the Night Nanny will be caring for the baby overnight, they will often have a higher rate than a regular daytime nanny who may have less specialised experience. On Bubble, nannies set their own rates and therefore there is no specific range of how much they will cost, however parents might expect to spend around £150 per night (£15-£25 per hour). The Bubble app allows parents to browse different Night Nannies and compare their rates, alongside their experience and qualifications.

What training and qualifications do they have?

Night nannies do not need to have formal qualifications, but many will be certified as maternity nurses, early years specialists or sleep coaches and will have several years experience caring for newborns. You can see exactly what certificates and experience they have when viewing their Bubble profile.

How does Bubble vet the Night Nannies on its platform?

Every sitter and nanny on Bubble must go through several verification steps before their profile can go live. These include identity checks, online background checks and reference checks. On top of this, nannies can have their DBS checks verified by Bubble, and you can see whether they’ve done this clearly on their profile. Nannies also have the option of uploading video profiles and carrying out interviews with the Bubble team too. Again, these are credentials you’ll be able to clearly see when browsing available nannies.

With Night Nannies especially, their experience and particular fit for you is what is most vital. This is why we encourage parents to use the Bubble review system to see what other experience a particular nanny has, and to use the interview function in the app to arrange a meeting with any prospective nanny before going ahead with a booking. Parents use these meetings to personally check any other documentation or certifications that a Nanny has listed on their profile.

Bubble isn’t an employer of Night Nannies and we always encourage parents to use the tools and information we provide to help them make an informed choice that is right for them.

How do I choose a Night Nanny?

Alongside their experience and qualifications, recommendations are really important in finding the perfect Night Nanny for you. You can read other parents’ reviews of the Night Nannies on Bubble, and talk to your friends about who they would recommend.

It’s important to choose someone who will follow your parenting ethos and support your parenting decisions, so an interview is crucial to ensure that you will feel confident and comfortable leaving your baby in their care. You need to feel happy about the night nanny being in your home at night, so finding someone you gel with is really important too.

Bubble makes it easy for you to speak to any prospective Night Nannies and arrange an interview with them. This is a crucial step before confirming the job.

Learn More

To learn more about Night Nannies on Bubble, check out our articles for parents and nannies on how we’re launching the service and how it works.

To book a Night Nanny, download the app for iOS or Android and post a job, selecting ‘Night Nanny’ as the booking option. You will then be able to browse nannies who apply, before confirming your Night Nanny booking.