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Back in July we hit a huge Bubble milestone – we created our first ever TV advert! Although we’ve sometimes been described by parents as their ‘best kept secret’, we knew that lockdown was the time to spread the word and show everyone just how invaluable our sitters and nannies can be. 

Pulling an ad together mid-lockdown was, without a doubt, challenging. But that didn’t stop the incredible Bubble community from coming through – we had so many people wanting to get involved that it was a challenge squeezing them all in! 

The sitters and nannies are without a doubt what make Bubble so special, so letting them do the talking was a no-brainer. If you look closely, you might even recognise one of your favourites…

Everyone featured in the ad is available to help out your family, along with thousands of others in our community. Why not browse the app and give someone new a try?

These have been tricky times for us all, but they’ve also highlighted that the work we do is more important than ever before. We remain completely committed to helping parents get through it, by offering our support as best we can.

Thank you all for being part of our story so far – we can’t wait to help you out again soon.


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About Bubble

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