Natasha, when did you join Bubble and why?

I joined Bubble in July 2017. I was desperate to go back to work but I had two young children and logistically there were so many reasons why it just wasn’t the right time. A friend was talking about a Bubble babysitter they used and I thought to myself, I can do that! 

What was your early experience like?

I was doing very little with my evenings (especially Saturday nights), and what’s more, I have lots of experience with children. I sat during the day at first when my children were at nursery, booking Bubble sits that fit in around their timetable. I started to become known in my area and I loved spending time with other children.

How did the app fit in with your life?

Bubble answered so much for me and gave me so much – the ability to just start earning money knowing I could do a great job, to contribute to my family, to have confidence in my abilities as a caregiver and flexibility with setting my own hours. I was even able to work up until the birth of my third child and go back to sitting when I was ready. 

Is there anything in particular you prefer about using an app over traditional babysitting?

I liked that I didn’t have to deal with the awkwardness of money with friends as they could pay me directly through the app, which also allowed friends to use me and feel comfortable. It was a no-brainer. 

What were your thoughts about Bubble when you first heard of it? 

What a GENIUS idea, why hasn’t anyone done this before?!

And how have you found arranging childcare for your own children through Bubble?

It’s so simple – what I really liked was seeing who was close by and if they had sat for any of our friends. I remember one sitter was a local childminder with many years of experience, which definitely made me feel more at ease. I also like being able to see which Facebook friends we have in common! We use the app for childcare once every couple of months – we usually use family but if they aren’t free we head straight to Bubble.

How do you use Bubble now?

I’ve finally found a new day job that I adore – it took me six years (and three children!) to find my amazing role at Mustard, a company that makes beautiful lockers. I can’t give up sitting though, I love it so much. It still fits in with my life because I do it when it suits me. Not doing anything on a random Thursday night? Let’s put myself as active and see if anyone needs me. I’d say I do about one sit each week; I’m booked up most Saturdays and sometimes Sunday nights too. It’s still part of me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

It’s an added bonus that I get control of the TV when I sit – oh, and children who actually listen to me! Occasionally I get a snuggle or two as well.