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Beyond Covid: Our New Event Series For Working Parents

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new event series for working parents, called ‘Beyond Covid: thriving in the new world of work’. We’ll be hosting monthly events with various guests and will be focusing on how parents can boost their productivity, creativity and wellbeing in the post-Covid workplace.

Thrive at work by embracing the power of flex

Our first session is on Thursday 25th March and will be in conversation with Annie Auerbach, author of Flex: Reinventing Work for a Smarter, Happier Life. She will be sharing her advice on how to harness your creativity and productivity when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Annie is an expert in flex – not the ability to touch your toes or that worn phrase ‘flexible working’, but the enormous benefits we get from taking a less rigid approach to our work.

Having studied the way our minds thrive when given the right amount of freedom, she’ll be sharing her advice on how to find focus, be more creative and be more ‘T-shaped’. She’ll also be giving her insights into why fighting our circadian rhythms just isn’t a great idea.

The session is interactive and alongside her practical tips to improve productivity and mood, Annie will also be answering questions about how to integrate ‘flex’ into our daily lives. Particularly as a mother of two school-aged daughters, her expert advice is tailored to support working parents who have been feeling the mental load more than ever these past few months.

As a bonus, we’re also giving away ten free copies of Annie’s brilliant book Flex to parents who register and attend the event!

Working Parent Perks

These events are exclusive for working parents who have our corporate subscription (Bubble Pro). If you’re an employer, HR professional or working parent who is interested in learning more about our corporate benefits solutions, please feel free to enquire here and a member of our team will get back to you soon.

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