How Does Your Benefits Package Compare? [Free Checklist]

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Now that we know remote work works, falling out of touch with what makes up a strong employee benefits and remuneration package comes with great risk.

With nearly 2 in 5 employees willing to leave their job for better remuneration and benefits packages and high-demand talent receiving multiple job offers at a time, a stronger benefits package is required to attract, motivate and retain your best employees. For the past decade, stress and low job satisfaction have afflicted the UK workforce. Offering a good benefits package was simply treated as a sign of status.

As we progress into hybrid working models, what’s needed now are benefits packages that speak to the realities of today. HR leaders and management must quickly adapt to rising demands and changing expectations. Blended hybrid working has already begun to ignite a transformation within workplace culture. Using the latest research trends and survey data, we’ve put together a Progressive Benefits Checklist outlining the most in-demand employee benefits valued of today.



Making Hybrid Working Work For All

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Hybrid working models are changing the nature of employee burnout and disengagement. Working from home, if not adequately supported, can exacerbate isolation and presenteeism among

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