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A new type of childcare is coming to Bubble!

Bubble has partnered with Junior Adventures Group, the UK’s leading provider of holiday clubs. JAG have over 160 locations around the country, providing brilliant activities for 4-12 year olds.

School holidays can be really tricky for working parents and through this partnership Bubble is delighted to be able to offer an alternative way to make sure children are safe and happy during the Summer break.

Junior Adventures Group already supports 50,000 families with childcare for school holidays. They provide a jam-packed day full of a diverse range of activities so no matter where a child’s talents and interests lie, they’ll find something they love.

The partnership will go live for the 2023 summer holidays and you can almost hear the sighs of joy from thousands of parents who have employers who provide childcare support with Bubble. If you don’t currently have Bubble as an employee benefit, do get in touch with sarah@joinbubble.com to find out more.



How does it work?

If you’re a working parent who has Bubble credit funded by your employer it’s easy to get started:

     1.In order to convert your Bubble app credit into holiday club credit you’ll need to have a quick chat with our customer success team. Simply use the in-app live chat and they’ll be with you in minutes.

    2.Bubble will then provide you with a Junior Adventures Group voucher which you can use to book your holiday club, currently we are only able to provide multiples of £10.

    3.The Junior Adventures Group online booking portal enables you to easily find your local club, check availability, then register and book using your voucher code.

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