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Why Flexibility Is The No. 1 Factor When Choosing A Childcare Partner

If you’re considering choosing a partner for childcare benefits for your employees you might feel a bit uncertain about what to look for – is it the quality of the caregivers, the cost, the types of childcare available?

While these are all important factors, it’s actually pretty simple. You need a product that employees will really value, which is why flexibility is everything.

Here are the 3 reasons flexibility trumps all:

1. Kids don’t run on schedules…

Kids don’t understand when you have a killer pitch coming up or a delicate appraisal to prepare for. As anyone who has spent any time with a child will know, they are highly unpredictable and will change plans in an instant!

There’s nothing as draining as dropping your happy healthy child at nursery or school and then getting a call an hour later saying you need to pick them up.

Parents need childcare that they can arrange at a moment’s notice and childcare that will come to them.

2. …and nor does work 

We all know that work is unpredictable. You can think you’ve got your childcare nailed for the week ahead and suddenly a project deadline is moved forward or a client decides they want to come and visit.

Parents want to be able to give their all at work, but unless they can arrange childcare quickly on their terms, they are stuck having to fit to a schedule they don’t control and which just can’t flex.

Schools, nurseries, childminders and helpful grandparents simply can’t deliver the level of flexibility working parents frequently require.

3. Working parents are more than worker + parent

Parents are too often seen as people who are torn in two directions but this is an outdated view. Parents are your most efficient asset; they do multiple roles to a very high standard – parent, worker, mentor, daughter, marathon runner and more. Their priorities shift from hour to hour and they adapt to change better than anyone.

Because their world can constantly change, flexibility is everything – and they need childcare that reflects that. Without flexibility, parents are driven to a constant state of compromise which impacts on productivity and mental health.

How Bubble is the only solution that delivers flexibility

Our mission at Bubble is to let parents be all that they need to be. Bubble has always been built by parents, for parents, and we understand exactly what it’s like to be working parents.

We know what it’s like to what to be successful across everything we do and we know how painful it can feel when it feels like everything is a compromise.

It’s why Bubble puts the parents in the driving seat – everything on their terms. Parents can simply post a job using the app, selecting the exact times they require: local sitters and nannies will be able to apply right away.

On Bubble, the comprehensive sitter profiles and background checks mean you can confidently select a sitter perfect for you – a French speaker, a newborn specialist or someone who just loves playing with Lego!

Some parents like to book a trial session first, while it’s’ also possible to book a same-day sitter. We have a bespoke solution for every family.

The best description of our service was coined by Liana, a business owner who frequently uses Bubble to cover for last-minute work demands: “In my house, we just say Bubble it!”


Bubble is the UK’s #1 app for on-demand childcare. Download it on the App Store or Google Play and join our 100,000+ community.

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