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16 of the most sought after work perks post-pandemic

With job vacancies at an all time high, the business case for building more attractive work perks has never been stronger. In today’s job market a competitive salary alone is not enough to attract talent. Employees expect more, whether applying for a job at Google or a local food chain, and they’re willing to leave if their employer doesn’t meet their expectations.

Prior to the pandemic, such high expectations were only directed at companies deemed the “best places to work”. Now, such benefits are expected to come as standard.

But which are the work perks that really matter?

To meet the needs of today’s workforce, employee benefits packages must be two things: tangible and inclusive. Having access to ping pong tables and free beer isn’t enough to move the needle, but having access to wellbeing support or backup childcare just might.

We’ve put together a list of the top sought after employee benefits solutions making the workplace more rewarding for employees:

work-life balance support from employers

Post pandemic, talent demand for work-life balance support has shot up in priority, surpassing even wants for salary increase.



Bubble is a family support solution providing on-demand childcare and caregiving support to employees balancing work and family/home obligations. In the aftermath of the COVID crisis, childcare and eldercare were leading causes of employee turnover for women and BAME talent. As such, family support is increasingly being introduced as a tangible way of meeting employee needs for work-life balance.


As the name would suggest, Hertility is a provider of at-home hormone health and fertility testing. As more Millennials wait to raise children later in life, many see fertility as a core part of health benefits packages. Businesses that choose to support employees and open up access to fertility services are sending a powerful signal that personal future planning is equally as important as professional progression.


Peppy connects people going through major life transitions like parenthood, menopause and fertility with wellbeing specialists. An employee wellbeing app designed to address emergency questions, with Peppy help is only a click away.


Sama is coaching platform matching employees with leadership, performance, communication and life balance coaches. In the past, performance coaching was a resource exclusively offered to managers and executives. Sama’s coaching services are 100% digital allowing for remote and hybrid workers to reap the full benefits.

mental health support from employers

Mental health support has become a leading requirement for companies looking to meet the needs of young talent especially.



Spill is a messaging-based therapy app that connects remote employees to 1:1 therapy support through Slack. The majority of employees who use Spill have never tried any kind of mental health counselling before. Spill can help to prevent isolation and burnout amongst hybrid and remote workers with helpful exercises, early support, and confidential guidance.


Providing proactive and preventative support, Sanctus makes it easy for employees to discuss their mental health with professionals. Sanctus can be used to support hybrid workers with virtual coaching available anywhere in the world.

Self Space

Offering bespoke therapy, Self Space helps businesses implement effective mental health strategies. Providing monthly content care packages, talks and training, Self Space is helping shift the culture of mental health within workplaces.

Healing Clouds

Healing Clouds connects employees with a network of 150 certified therapists providing 1:1 online therapy, live classes, guided meditations and therapist-led courses. Their digital platform provides remote, in-office and hybrid workers equal access to wellbeing support.

wellbeing support from employers

Wellbeing support differs from mental health as it is more preventative and diverse in offering, with demand for such work perks fast approaching that of physical health and fitness.



Based out of Cambridge, Lumie offers light therapy devices for treating the winter blues and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Their lightboxes are effective in boosting mood and energy levels and improving sleep.


Workplace environments have undergone extreme change and this can be a difficult adjustment for employees, especially those prone to social anxiety. Unmind provides self-guided wellbeing programmes to help employees with coping.


Urban encourages employees to practise self care through a home wellness platform. While working remotely employees can choose between over 50 treatments—accessing everything from massage and beauty to yoga, physio and mindfulness—all from the safety of their homes.


Mindshine is a self-coaching platform packed with content tailored to each person’s confidence, focus, happiness and motivation goals. It can be a helpful resource for employees experiencing a lack of confidence.


With research suggesting 15 minutes of journaling can make for a happier and more productive team, Journify is a wellbeing tool being used to combat employee burnout. Journify transforms voice notes into encrypted journal entries, while tracking mental wellness and mood over time.


Calm is a sleep, meditation and relaxation app helping businesses support employees through high-stress periods. Subscriptions are awarded to employees on an individual basis, which they can use for themselves and their families (should they have the need).


Headspace is a mindfulness and meditation app supporting the health and happiness of employees. Their employee wellbeing offering provides access to community programming, live meditations, and hundreds of pre-recorded meditations and exercises on everything from stress to sleep and focus.

Paws In Work

London-based puppy therapy specialists, Paws In Work, offer a unique approach to boosting employee wellbeing. Puppy play sessions offer a chance for employees to bond with one another and ‘switch off’ from mental stressors, reducing the stress of being reintroduced to social work environments.

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