Getting some ‘me time’ through Bubble

by | About Bubble

Having survived the summer, and now having successfully navigated back to school week, parents have been using Bubble to arrange themselves some well-earned “me time”.

We thought we’d share some of the things that the app has allowed them to get out and do:

  • Book a 7 am sitter for a rare Saturday morning lie-in;
  • Take a 2-hour trip to Tesco in peace and quiet;
  • Get to the cinema for the first time in years;
  • Take out the bike for a 50m ride;
  • Meet friends for an impromptu & overdue night out;
  • Get to the gym to work-off some holiday excess

It’s been great to see parents using the app for such a varied range of activities and equally, the reviews our hero sitters are getting on the app have been great to read.

Here’s just a few:

“Mary is sweet, caring and fun. My little boy loved her!” Susie

“Katie is super-professional and really great with kids.” Sara

“Georgia was very adept and great at handling our unreliable toddler!” Ben

“Rachael was punctual, polite and very engaged with my children. They’re huge fans!” Njy

Right now, we’re busy working on the latest update of the app which is due out next week, and it’s set to include some significant improvements for everyone. More on that soon!