Why parents are relying on our Regular Help right now

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In a year where we’ve all learnt just how adaptable we can be, Bubble’s ability to provide flexible childcare is what our parent community have valued most of all.

What is Regular Help

Bubble’s ‘Regular Help’ feature enables parents to send requests for childcare on a recurring or block-booking basis.

The service is available to parents who use Bubble Plus, and means that they can get unlimited sits without having to pay any cancellation or booking fees for their sits. They instead pay a monthly subscription fee and are able to book childcare to fit around their needs and lifestyle.

How does Regular Help support parents

Although many breakfast and after-school clubs are still not open, Bubble has been able to support parents with their wraparound childcare so that they can focus on their work without stress or distraction.

Particularly for parents with multiple children, young children or both, Bubble’s flexible childcare has enabled them to establish a routine with enough childcare support, so that they can have peace of mind knowing that their kids will be looked after by a trusted, local sitter.

Now that the government has recommended working from home where possible, this regular support has become even more vital to parents with young children. Booking a Bubble sitter helps parents do everything they need to during the day, enabling them to focus on work while their child is being cared for in the room next door by a nanny or sitter. This, in turn, lays the foundation for a good work/life balance, even when working from home.

Meet Julie

Julie is a teacher with two children. Since September she has been using Bubble’s Regular Help feature to get wraparound care, as her school’s breakfast and after-school clubs are not yet open. Although she initially thought that it was only going to be for a few weeks, she’s now realised that it’s working so well for her family that she’s decided to keep using Bubble long-term.

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Meet Ruth

Ruth is an independent business consultant and a mum of five children – including a two-month-old baby! She is using a range of different sitters to give her the time she needs, and her children love the variety of sitters that look after them. Regular Help allows her to keep her business going and spend quality time with her children outside of work.

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How do you use Regular Help?

We love sharing stories from our community, so if you’d like to tell us about your unique way of using Bubble to fit your lifestyle, please let us know!

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