Life-changing family support and childcare on demand

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Bubble Childcare

The world of work is changing

With Bubble for Work, every employee gets acess to all-in-one flexible benefits

Improved wellbeing

Make a real impact on your people’s mental and physical health.

Increased engagement

Brilliant childcare access so parents can be at their very best. 

Enhanced retention

Stop the lack of chilcare support from holding brilliant women back. 

Your people deserve the best

Brilliant family and childcare support makes your staff happier and more engaged.



of parents say better childcare support would make them more productive.



of parents say childcare support would make them more loyal to their employer.



of working parents feel burnt out, with childcare being their biggest headache.

How it works

You provide access

Employees get access to incredible, subsidised family support and childcare on demand.

Book childcare on-demand

Parents can book and pay for brilliant local childcare flexibly and securely - whenever they need it.

All-round parental support

They also get round-the clock parental advice and exclusive access to expert content and events.

Build community at work.

Our tech allows parents to see their colleagues on Bubble, and the trusted carers they use.

Flexible childcare

The help they need, whenever they need it.

Emergency care

Outstanding support for work and life's last minute situations

After school

Enable parents to maintain focus throughout their working day.

Ad hoc childcare

Sits in the day or night, so that parents can take care of themselves.

Confidential, professional advice & community

Working Parent Club

Access to exclusive support network complete with monthly events

In-app community

Let colleagues connect and share trusted carer recommendations.

Ask an expert

Confidential, professional advice from childcare, parenting and wellness experts.

Get in touch today.

Flexible, on-demand childcare for your staff

Exclusive parenting content and events

One-to-one expert advice service

Rapid setup and zero-tech roll out

Bespoke launch tool-kit

Detailed usage reporting

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