Childcare as a benefit for your employees

Bubble helps your teams thrive through family support perks

How Bubble helps parents in your workforce

Improved wellbeing

Make a real impact on your people’s mental and physical health.

Increased engagement

Brilliant childcare access so parents can be at their best.

Enhanced retention

Stop the lack of childcare support from holding brilliant women back.


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Book childcare with ease through our app


On demand childcare

Book ad hoc and last minute in-home childcare, whenever you need it.



Connect with eldercare specialists to find solutions that work for your loved ones.


Regular help

Book regular childcare with brilliant sitters that your kids will love.


Verified sitters

Access verified sitters trusted by thousands of parents across the UK.


Pet care

Find animal-lovers to take care of your pets when you’re away from home.


Events & Community

Hear from expert voices about topics that matter.

Your people deserve the best

Brilliant family and childcare support makes your staff happier and more engaged


of parents say better childcare support would make them more productive.


of parents say childcare support would make them more loyal to their employer.


of unsheduled time-off is due to family health reasons which could be avoided.

Hear how childcare benefits are delivering impact

“If you’re neglecting to think specifically about working parents then you are missing an important lever to improve diversity, wellbeing and inclusion across your whole organisation. We know that by offering to subsidise childcare with Bubble we are helping to alleviate some of the stresses and challenges that our staff who are working parents face”

Mica Ross

Trust on Bubble

Flexibility, choice and control to choose the right childcare for you, all backed by our 10 Trust Pillars.

See what our parents have to say

“Really easy to use, and we’ve found a fantastic babysitter for our little girl. So helpful for people who don’t have family nearby especially. Thank you bubble!”

– Becca

“Love Bubble, great way to find a local sitter that you can trust. Easy to check reviews and build a community of favourite sitters.”

– Elena

“The app is so easy to use and the profiles for the babysitters clearly show their qualifications, making it super simple to choose a suitable sitter. Highly recommend!”

– Kay

“The profiles and reviews are really well presented and immediately instill trust. The customer support team is always available. Fantastic platform for busy parents!”

– Lee

“Such an easy app to use. Gives me peace of mind that I can find trustworthy sitters locally when I need one. I have recommended it to so many other parents.”

– Julia

What's included?



Annual service fee*
Access to flexible, in-home childcare with no booking fees
Choose a care allowance (e.g. 50 hours/year) - billed on usage
Access to flexible, in-home eldercare
Access to petcare with no booking fees
Monthly working parent club events
Launch demonstration event & launch assets
Holiday clubs across the UK
Account management, monthly & annual reporting
Nanny concierge service with discount

Bubble for work is for businesses of over 100 people

How do I figure out pricing if I don't know how many parents work in my organisation?

The Bubble for Work annual fee is based on your full headcount and prices are tiered based on the size of your organisation.

From our analysis of working with partners, we know the proportion of people likely to use the service and we factor this into our pricing. 

Bubble for Work is all about supporting inclusivity and we take the same approach with how we work with partners. Rather than having to get people to ‘opt in’ we would rather everyone had access to all our services.

Please do book a demo call and we can talk to you about how Bubble for Work will deliver real ROI for your business.

How are sitters verified?

Safety is always the top priority. Becoming a sitter on Bubble is deliberately not quick & easy because we insist on various checks before they can appear on the app. Our team carries out ID checks, background checks and reference checks on all new sitters. 

On top of these checks we also provide many tools to give parents full confidence in choosing a sitter. The most powerful feature is being able to read reviews from other parents and also message these parents. We also suggest chatting to your sitter first and even doing a trial sit when you can be close by.

Read about our 12 trust pillars here.

How does eldercare work?

Eldercare is accessed via the app and provided by our partner Curam. Curam provide in-home eldercare which can be booked via their team of consultants. 

One in seven employees are carers and in fact the word ‘eldercare’ is rather misleading as Curam provide in home care for anyone over eighteen who needs day-to-day help with their living situation.

Curam carers provide support so you or your loved one can live happily and safely at home. They will work with your employees to tailor a care plan that suits your needs. This could include support with washing and dressing, personal hygiene, going to the toilet, meal preparation, moving around safely, medication reminders and more.

How does petcare work?

Petcare is another service that the sitters on Bubble are very happy to help with. Whether it’s letting out the cat so your employee can go to the office, or dogsitting a new puppy, our sitters are keen to help.

Finding petcare works in the same way as finding childcare. Simply use the app to post your request to our community and local sitters will respond.

Can employees get last-minute childcare?

Yes! Through Bubble, parents are able to book childcare at short notice.

Does Bubble work in the UK? How about internationally?

Bubble is available across the UK. We do not yet have a presence outside of the UK.

As with other apps that are aided by more densely populated areas, parents who try and find childcare in more rural areas will have less options. Parents who use the app in the South East will have a greater choice of sitters.

What are the tax implications of providing childcare as a benefit?

Most of our partners view childcare is a benefit in kind and therefore we help with p11d reporting.

Read the government guidelines here.

What do employees get out of having Bubble for Work?

By providing childcare as a benefit you are making a statement about the type of employer you want to be.

You are enabling the parents on your team to have access to a childcare safety net – providing them with the confidence and flexibility that they need to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Typically parents pay a £1.99 booking fee per sit and higher fees if they want to organise regular childcare. These fees are removed for our corporate users.

With Bubble for Work you are able to provide them with a childcare allowance which is entirely ‘pay as you go’ – meaning that there is no wastage.

Your parents will also have access to eldercare expertise and £100 worth of credit on their first eldercare booking.

All your parents will be invited to our monthly ‘working parent club’ community events – a fantastic series of speakers who will inspire and energise your team.

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