We created the Bubble Academy because we recognise the amazing work of all the sitters and nannies who use our app. We want Bubble to be the best place for you to find flexible and rewarding work, so it’s really important to us that you feel supported and prepared for every job you do. 

We also appreciate that there is a huge diversity of experience amongst our app users, from career nannies with decades of experience, to students who use Bubble for work around their studies.

You might be totally new to the world of childcare. Or, you might be a real pro.

You might be really enthusiastic to be learning new ideas. Or you might be thinking that you don’t need to upskill because you’ve been a babysitter for years.

But the best thing is – it doesn’t matter. We know that wherever you are in your sitter journey, there are new and exciting skills that we can teach you.

After all, it doesn’t hurt to learn new things!

What is upskilling?

Upskilling is the process of learning new skills and gaining extra qualifications to become more confident in yourself, and ultimately better in the work you do. Upskilling is important for employees of any company to stay relevant and keep up with business trends. The same principle applies to babysitters and nannies as well.  It’s may be bit of a buzzword, but its benefits are undeniable. 

Upskilling certainly doesn’t mean you’ll be starting from scratch. In fact, it’s more about allowing you to enhance and nurture a lot of what you already know, as well as to teach you brand new skills that help you to be the best sitter you can be.This is really important for your success on the app, and will help show parents your passion for the work you do.

After all, continued learning and improvement shows drive, diligence and integrity to develop yourself and thrive across your jobs.

When you commit to upskilling, you get the chance to learn a host of new skills that can make you a better sitter, improve your CV and could lead to new opportunities.

Why is upskilling important?

 We all want to be the best at our job, right? I’m sure you do. As a sitter on Bubble, we know that you’re already super talented, friendly and great with kids. But in order to secure more jobs and be the best sitter you can possibly be, it’s important to create a stand-out profile.

As more and more sitters join Bubble, having certain skills makes your profile even more attractive to parents. It’s also a great opportunity for new sitters to demonstrate their knowledge and make their profile shine. Not only does it improve your chance for work, but it also helps you to improve in the job you already do. Arming yourself with new tactics and behaviours can help you perform at your best and cope with challenging situations.

How can the Bubble Academy help me with upskilling?

The Bubble Academy can help you to upskill in areas that will be useful to you as a sitter. First Aid Basics can help prepare you for how to respond in certain situations, such as when a child has a minor cut or scratch. It can also help you to recognise some of the more serious signs of illness or injury, allowing you to respond quickly to worrying situations. Our safeguarding module can help you to recognise signs that a child in danger, while our play and behavioural modules can help improve the time spent on your sits by equipping you with new techniques to test out.

We really hope that the Bubble Academy allows you to improve your babysitting and nanny skills and be the best you can be.