Not sure what to do when you’re babysitting kids? It’s hardly a secret that keeping kids entertained can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re meeting them for the first time. Here’s a list of fun activities and games to help you out if you’re stuck for ideas.

1. Build a fort

If you’re looking after kids who can walk, talk and are generally quite active, building a fort out of blankets and furniture is a rainy day classic. 

2. Read a book together

Children of all ages love to be read to, so grab a book and dust off those voice acting skills.

3. Play hide and seek 

Hide and seek is a great go-to. Many kids will already know how to play, so it’s a good one to have up your sleeve for if they’re getting over excited.

4. Sing nursery rhymes

Although more for younger children, singing nursery rhymes together is both cute and mess-free.

5. Go for a walk 

Put on a coat and head outside! If the family has a garden, have a wander around and point out anything interesting you see. Remember to always check with a parent first before leaving the home.

6. Make a scavenger hunt

This one will have you entertained for hours. Why not draw a map of the home, and hide some objects around the house? Or if you’re looking after multiple children you could play in teams.

7. Make paper airplanes 

Making paper airplanes is super easy, and you can decorate them with crayons or felt-tip pens. Why not have a competition and see whos can fly the farthest?

8. Play the floor is lava

Pretend the floor is lava and try to avoid touching it!

9. Simon says

Kids absolutely love it, and can play for hours. If you speak another language, you could even try playing in that. Jacques a dit anyone?

10. Clean up game

At the end of a sit, why not have a competition to see who can put the most toys away? Both fun and practical.