Why we decided it was time for a makeover

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It’s official – Bubble has a new look. As much as we loved the teal and white, we felt like it was time to upgrade our visuals to better match our company’s mission: to help parents be all that they need to be

Here are just some of the reasons we decided it was time to make the switch:

Because we’re the best at what we do

We’re definitely not arrogant or complacent (we have young kids so know that both these things lead to disaster), but we’ve spent years building the best flexible childcare app. Being completely confident in our service has allowed us to spend more time thinking about how we present ourselves, so that parents see us the way that we see ourselves.

Because childcare has never been more important

This year childcare has finally been recognised as part of the essential infrastructure that holds our economy together. We are delighted that childcare is no longer a secretive subject  exclusive to parents – it is a vital part of society and is crucial to the wellbeing of each family. 

Because we want to reflect our fantastic community

We are constantly in awe of our brilliant parent community. They’re diverse, ambitious and want the best for their families. They also know that there’s more to them than being a parent – although it’s their most important role, it’s not their only one.

Bubble parents love being parents, and occasionally they love not being parents. We support them in their daily mission to be different things to different people. 

We’re ready for you

So here we are – the same brilliant service with a whole new look. You could call it a lockdown makeover of sorts (although hopefully one that’s more seamless than Dad’s DIY haircuts). It’s like that moment in a romcom when the lead nerd takes off her glasses and does something kooky with her fringe. We’re so excited that our brand now reflects our mission to let parents be all that they need to be. Our new design is just the first step and we have so much more coming your way.

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