Not just for nights out: 5 other reasons parents book a babysitter on Bubble

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Often, the thought of booking a babysitter instinctively makes people think about Saturday nights out (which is super important and worthwhile of course!)  but it turns out the parents on Bubble can be way more resourceful than that. We see parents booking sitters so they can…

Make that meeting

Working mums in particular use the app to book in ad-hoc childcare when they need to work from the office or from home – because trying to hit a deadline from your kitchen table whilst being asked for something to eat every two minutes is kinda hard…

Shower in peace!

This one is both ingenious and wholly sensible at the same time.

Enjoy their favourite hobbies

Along with sleep, friends, books, brunch and new clothes – our hobbies also tend to go out the window once our nippers arrive. But some parents are fighting back.

Nail the Life Admin

Whether it’s work, packing for a holiday, decluttering or the never-ending laundry cycles, getting a hand in to watch the kids while you crack through it all doesn’t half help.

Shop for birthday presents

Have you ever tried taking your kids to go and buy presents for OTHER people? They can’t quite comprehend it, and after an hour of screaming, neither can you. Sometimes, they’re best left at home 🙂


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