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This page was last updated on 08/01/21 and will continue to be updated as and when things change.

Many parents have questions about the government’s Covid guidance, specifically around what is and isn’t allowed for their children during this time. Here, we break down some of the key information that parents need to know about childcare, schools and the rules around ‘bubbles’.

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What does lockdown mean for me?



Can I still book childcare?

Can grandparents provide childcare?

How can I keep safe when booking a sitter or nanny?

Guidance for safe sits

tips for keeping covid secure

How will the Covid vaccine impact families and children?

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What is the national lockdown?

As a childcare provider, which children can I now care for? What do I need to consider?

Who is classed as a critical worker or vulnerable child?

Do both parents have to be critical workers for me to be able to provide childcare?

If a parent is classed as a critical worker but is working from home, should a setting continue to provide childcare?

Can children continue to attend multiple settings?

I am a nanny, can I continue to work?


Dealing with symptoms, testing and isolation


How do I get a test for Coronavirus?

If a child or member of staff develops Coronavirus symptoms at my setting, what do I do?

What happens if there is a confirmed case of Coronavirus at my setting?

Am I covered by my PACEY PLI insurance if a child in my setting contracts Coronavirus?

As a childminder, a member of my household has to self-isolate due to being a contact of a confirmed case of coronavirus, do I need to close?

A parent of a child in my setting is isolating due to being a close contact, but has no symptoms of Covid-19. Can their child continue to attend?

If a child in my setting has a temperature potentially due to getting a vaccination or teething – do they have to isolate and get tested for Covid-19?

What is the NHS Test and Trace app?


Being open, staff and parents


Will my childminding PLI insurance continue to cover me?

Can Nannies work? Will PACEY’s PLI continue to cover Nannies to work?

If a member of staff, you or a member of your family is vulnerable can they work?

If a child in my setting is clinically extremely vulnerable, can they attend my setting?

Can childminders work with other childminders to look after more children together?

How do I support my staff if they are from a BAME community?

Can early years settings look after all children?

Can children attend more than one setting?

How do I manage visits to the setting from parents/carers, additional staff, external professionals and non-staff members?

How can settings manage activities such as music, dance and drama?

How is 30 hours funding currently being managed with parents?


In your setting


How do I manage activities, in particular malleable materials (messy play)?

When should PPE/face coverings be used? Where can I get PPE?

I have a supervised toothbrushing programme in my setting, how do I manage this now?


Going outside, wrap around care, groups and schools


Can settings take children outside or on trips? What about insurance?

Can childminders meet up with others?

How do childminders manage drop offs and pickups from school? What about insurance?

Can settings offer after school clubs holiday care?

Can I provide overnight care as a registered childminder?

Can families use grandparents to care for their children?

Can community activities such as parent/toddler groups or soft play reopen?

Can providers attend indoor community activities that are open such as toddler groups/soft play?


Ofsted, first aid and the EYFS


What do I need to tell Ofsted?

How is Ofsted managing inspections?

What happens after an inspection?

Does the Early Years Foundation Stage still apply? What about paediatric first aid?

Is there any flexibility in ratios?


Policies and contracts


How do I manage paperwork and policies with Covid-19?

How should I manage contracts with parents?

Has PACEY made any amendments to current contracts?

What was the information shared by CMA regarding COVID-19 and retainer fees?

How has PACEY, NDNA and SCMA worked with the CMA?

Are PACEY contracts and the addendum still fine to use?

Can I still charge for my holidays/bank holidays?

Are parents going to be demanding refunds for retainer fees? Can they?

I am still feeling worried about my contract after the release of the CMA guidance, where can I find further support?

How could I manage first aid reports and getting a signature from a parent when trying to social distance?

The family of a child I look after are not adhering to government guidance while not at my setting – what can I do?

One of my employees who works at my setting is not adhering to government guidance when not working – what can I do?


Financial support


Is early years entitlement funding continuing for registered providers?

Can I claim the Self-employment Income Support Scheme?

What financial support is available to childcare providers?

What support can employers access to help pay assistants/staff?

What do I do if I don’t qualify for the self-employed help scheme?

If you apply for the self-employed scheme, can you apply for Universal Credit, or other sources of government support as well?


Emotional health and wellbeing


I’m feeling very worried and concerned about the whole situation and having to stay at home is making me feel worse. What can I do?

What training support is PACEY offering?




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