So your next sit is with a Bubble newbie? Amazing! What a wonderful opportunity for you to show them how great flexible childcare can be, and to build a connection which will hopefully keep them coming back to you time and again.

We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks below that will help you make their first sit be a great one, so that you both have the best experience possible:

Communicate ahead of time

One of the most important things you can do is find out more about the family. Asking questions shows the parent that you’re organised and invested in the sit going well, and helps you be an even better sitter. Some useful things to ask are:

  • What the kids are like & whether there’s anything in particular they enjoy doing
  • If there’s anything the parent needs you to do (e.g. prepare a meal, help with homework, do school pick-ups/drop-offs)
  • Whether the parent has any specific requirements from you, or if there are certain house rules that they’d like you to keep up while they’re away


Be understanding

Parents are sometimes nervous if it’s their first time with a sitter they don’t know, so if they have more questions than usual or need some extra reassurances make sure you help set them at ease. Answering their questions and highlighting your experience will help them feel more comfortable, and will show them that you are a prepared and responsible person.

Some first time Bubble parents will book their first sit while they are at home, so that they can get to know you a bit better before booking you when they’re away. If that’s the case, don’t fret! Just use the time to get to know the kids and keep them entertained. You can also use this time to ask the parent any questions that you might have.

Show up at your best

First impressions are always important, but even more so if the parent hasn’t used Bubble before. It’s crucial that you present yourself well and get to the house early, so that they can take a few minutes to warm up to you in person before they head out. We always recommend that you check your route in advance, so that you avoid last-minute delays as much as possible.

Make sure you don’t cancel – even though there are always emergencies, we’d urge you to do your very best not to cancel on a first-time Bubble parent. Remember that it’s their first ever sit, and if they have a bad experience they’re less likely to use Bubble again. Ensuring that parents have a great experience enables you to get more work! Last-minute cancellations will also unfortunately result in the system suspending your Bubble profile.

Be conscientious

Given the current circumstances, it’s more important than ever that sitters maintain good hygiene when entering the family’s home. As soon as you get there, take off your outdoor coat and shoes and wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds – this helps to keep you and the family safe. For more information on our Covid-19 guidance, click here.

We would also remind you that going above and beyond really does make a huge difference. It’s always a lovely touch to send the parent an update message during the sit, letting them know the kids are okay and what you’ve all been up to. Another great thing to do is clean up a little at the end of the sit to ensure that the house is in the same state it was when the parent left.

Remind them how it works

As it’s their first sit, the parent may not yet be confident with the in-app payment process. If they’re unsure, you can remind them that the app records the length of the sit to the minute so that they are never under- or overpaying, and it also allows them to add a tip (which they might well do if you follow the advice listed above). 

Good luck from the Bubble team! We’re sure you’ll have a great sit – feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.


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