All the data is very clear. If you want to support your workforce – boost confidence, wellbeing and productivity – then you need to start addressing the issue of care.

The majority of employees have caring responsibilities: typically one third will have kids under 10, about 15% are carers for a family member and over 50% have pets.

For this enormous chunk of your workforce, care responsibility is the number one barrier stopping them from being able to:

  • Work in the office / attend work events 
  • Work more hours and be more ambitious in their career
  • Feel loyal to their employer

These are serious issues that have a very direct impact on employee wellbeing, talent retention and productivity. That’s why back-up care is a benefit that quickly pays for itself, and why back-up care needs to feature the full suite of care services:

  1. Childcare (including night nannies & holiday clubs)
  2. Petcare 
  3. Eldercare

Why petcare?

Pets are a huge part of many families and have enormous benefits for physical and mental health. They are proven to reduce stress levels and make you more active. So it’s very much in our interests, as employers, to show that we understand and support this important aspect of our employee’s lives.

There are more tactical reasons too. Over the last year we’ve been hearing from more and more businesses that petcare is a challenge when it comes to encouraging employees back into the office. We frequently hear that this is leading to a degree of frustration across C-suite but without a sense that there might be a solution that suits everyone. 

Providing highly flexible on-demand petcare services means that employees can find exactly the support they need, allowing them to tend to work commitments as well as feeling like their employer understands their responsibilities beyond work. It builds your employer brand by showing the type of forward-thinking employer you are, and for employees It’s a service that reduces stress and boosts productivity.

Employers also love that petcare is something that is brilliantly inclusive – supporting a diverse segment of your workforce and showing that you understand what matters to your employees. With about 50% of employees having a pet, you know it’s a benefit that will really impact the workforce and make you a stand out employer.

When you introduce petcare as a benefit, everyone wins.

How Bubble is best placed to help

Bubble have always been leaders in back-up childcare and we have recently revamped our petcare service such is the high demand from employers and employees alike. We have a network of thousands of pet-loving sitters all across the UK, verified by Bubble and available at short notice.

You can now book different types of petcare on Bubble – from drop-ins to walks and longer sits. This means that pet parents can find exactly the service that they need which allows them to get on with their day. As an employer, you can provide employees an allowance of ‘care hours’ which they can use across all types of care. These hours are only invoiced when they are used which means there is no wastage and total transparency on engagement so you can closely monitor the benefit.

By giving your teams access to a brilliant network of sitters available to pop by and walk or feed a pet, you are proving the type of employer that you are, as well as getting real ROI.

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