What’s your parent dating style?

by | Parent Guides

Becoming a parent doesn’t just change who you are as a person, it inevitably changes your relationship too, with some parents finding it hard to get time alone together without the kids. We’ve been chatting to loads of parents and have found that, while we’re not necessarily doing all the same things we did before, we’re finding new ways of having fun together, and that’s pretty great too.

1. Ain’t no party like a PTA party

It may not have been your idea of a wild night out before you had kids, but you get to drink (warm) wine and socialise with people who have also dry-shampooed their hair for three days solid and have mucky fingerprints on the bum of their jeans. And it’s totally acceptable to talk about your kids all evening.

2. Speed drinking

You only get a couple of hours between the kids going to bed, and the time you should be going to bed if you don’t want the next day to be a complete disaster, so drinking quickly is the key. Plus, the faster you drink, the drunker you get, and everyone knows the person with the worst hangover the next morning wins the lie-in battle.

3. DIY date

Never one to shy away from a trend, you embrace Scandi-chic by heading to IKEA for some one-on-one time with your significant other over flatpack furniture and meatballs. Bonus: you’re doing a boring household task, so no-one would begrudge you some babysitting.

4. Back row of the movies

You want to spend time with your other half, but you don’t necessarily want to have an actual conversation. You just like a bit of escapism while stuffing your face with all the treats your kids are not allowed to eat.

5. Working up a sweat

You like to bond over a good workout, and make a regular date to go for a run together, practise some yoga, or go head-to-head over a game of squash. Not only do you burn some calories, but it’s great for shaking off any lingering tension from the latest dinnertime battle.

6. Dinner for two

Just occasionally, you want to wear clothes that aren’t covered in unidentified stains and go out in the evening. You don’t necessarily care where you go, as long you can eat food that a) isn’t beige, b) isn’t eaten stone cold from your child’s plate and c) someone else cooks for you.

7. The Micro-Date

You have a young baby who you can’t leave for any meaningful amount of time, so you grab pockets of time where you can, whether that’s a chat at nap time, a walk around the park together while pushing the pram, or a coffee date in the car while the little one snoozes in the back.

8. Netflix & chill

Your clubbing days were long gone by the time you had kids, and all you want to do at the end of a long day is fire up the TV and zone out in front of a box set. And ‘chill’ nowadays really does just mean chill.

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