What parents really want for Valentine’s

by | Parent Guides

Valentine’s is tomorrow, and whilst the last-minute rush for cards and bouquets begins, we’ve put together some of the things parents across the country may be wishing for…

1. Sleep. Lots of it.

2. To read a book uninterrupted for an hour.

3. A long, relaxing bath. Preferably one with no rubber ducks floating around.

4. A clean car: no grubby fingerprints. No sweet packets. No half-eaten, abandoned food.

5. A car journey without the classics, “are we there yet?”, “I’m bored” and “I want to get out.”

6. Some toilet time in peace – a big wish!

7. No demanding, “what’s for dinner?”

8. To stop repeating ourselves.

9. A large bottle of something beginning with the word ‘white’ and ending with the word ‘wine’.

8. To stop repeating ourselves.

10. A long enough life to see our grandkids exact revenge.

If you’ve got any more that need adding to the list, comment them down below.