Stress-busting massages for pregnancy and beyond

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Motherhood can really take its toll on your body – whether that’s with swollen ankles and aching joints during pregnancy, or sore muscles and frayed nerves long after. 

A well-timed massage is a fast and easy way to alleviate your physical aches and pains, as well as the stress and anxiety that comes with being a parent. 

We spoke to our friends at on-demand massage app Urban to get their tips on the different massage styles that will get you through pregnancy and beyond. They have a whole pregnancy category with a range of prenatal and postnatal treatments tailored to you.

Among all the ups and downs of parenting, we must remember to take care of ourselves too!

Pregnancy massage at 13-19 weeks

If you’re still suffering from morning sickness at this stage, massage can help relax muscles – allowing hormones to travel better throughout the body. This helps reduce those horrible feelings of nausea. Studies have shown that a short massage twice a week can really bring down the incidence of morning sickness.

Pregnancy massage at 20-30 weeks

At this point in your pregnancy, you may start to notice some general aches and pains, and pain in your back specifically. A gentle pregnancy massage (on your side, so there’s no pressure on the baby) can really help soothe those aches. It will also release endorphins – ideal for anyone feeling a bit fed-up in this ‘middle’ stage

Pregnancy massage at 30-40 weeks

Your baby is growing fast, and the extra weight may be giving you cankles (swollen calves and ankles). Here a massage that targets lymphatic drainage will help stimulate your soft tissues, reducing the collection of fluids and helping to reduce the swelling. It will also help you relax in this later part of pregnancy when you may be suffering with stress or struggling to sleep.

Post-partum massage

A specialist postnatal massage is an excellent way to support your recovery, both physical and emotional. As your hormones rebalance and your body rebuilds, a massage with long, gentle strokes helps to boost circulation and drain excess fluids. You can book a postpartum massage from five days after giving birth.*

When your child is a little older, continue your self-care rituals with different massages depending on your needs. A more pacy, invigorating massage will help boost blood flow and energy levels, while a sleep massage is sure to ease tension and help you drift off into slumber.

With Urban app you can book a massage at home within minutes. Simply visit the website or download the app to browse treatments and therapists. There’s a dedicated pregnancy category with pregnancy-safe massages, facials and osteopathy, as well as postnatal massage to help your recovery. The best part? It all comes directly to you at home.

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*After an uncomplicated vaginal birth or from around six weeks postpartum with doctor’s consent after a c-section.

Don’t forget to tell your massage therapist if you are pregnant, as certain essential oils used in aromatherapy massage aren’t safe during pregnancy. (As a precaution, chair massages are best avoided throughout pregnancy and all other massages if you’re under 12 weeks pregnant.)