3 Meaningful Gifts for New Parents

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Navigating life with a newborn can be tough. There are endless feedings, sleepless nights, and constant worry. In fact, new parents are often so busy taking care of their little ones that they don’t have time to take care of themselves. That’s why it’s important to show some extra love and support to new parents this Christmas – a small gesture can go a long way in letting them know that you care.

We’ve put together this list of the best gifts for new parents that will help them relax, feel pampered, and have some time to remember who they are.

Meal Prep Boxes

We all know that cooking can be a total chore, and when you’re a new parent, convenience is essential. Meal prep boxes take all of the guesswork (and stress!) out of cooking by delivering everything they need to make a delicious and healthy meal right to their doorstep. Less processed than ready meals but way less of a hassle than starting from scratch, subscription boxes are perfect for busy parents who don’t have a lot of time to cook but still need healthy and energizing meals. Plus, they’re usually less expensive than eating out – easy, convenient and delicious.

Pampering Treatments

Another great gift is the gift of relaxation. When you become a parent, self-care is one of the first things to be deprioritised – but trust us, new parents totally need some pampering too. It’s so easy to underestimate how much a haircut, a massage, or even a fresh set of nails can make us feel like ourselves again.

A voucher for a spa day, beauty treatment, or even an in-home treatment is always a crowd pleaser, or, if you’re on a budget, you could put together an at-home spa kit with some scented candles, bubble bath, and face masks. Either way, they’re sure to love it.

Babysitting vouchers

The best gift you can give to a new parent is the gift of time—time to themselves! All parents need a break every now and again, but many may struggle with nervousness around leaving their new kids with someone they don’t know, or might even feel guilty for taking some time for themselves.

If you know someone who is a new parent or about to become one, why not gift them a Bubble gift voucher? By giving your loved ones something concrete, it reminds them that it’s okay (and healthy!) to be themselves too. It also sets a great precedent for self-care early on in their parenting journey. With childcare covered, they can go out on a date night, enjoy some adult conversation, or just have some time to themselves. You could even pair it with a voucher for a local restaurant or some cinema tickets to go the extra mile!

If you know someone who is a new parent (or will be soon!), consider getting them one (or all) of these gifts. Childcare vouchers, meal prep boxes, and pampering treatments are all great ways to show new parents that you care about their well-being—and that you understand how tough parenting can be.

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