Binky Felstead’s guide to the party season

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The life of a Made in Chelsea star many look like an endless carousel of fabulous parties, but Binky Felstead says she was never one for organised fun even before leaving the show and having her daughter India. As the festive season gets off to a swing, Binky shares with Bubble how she makes the endless nights of tinsel and fizz work for her – and how she and little India will be celebrating this year.

Office Christmas parties: love or loathe?

I used to love Christmas parties when I had an office job. They can be great if the people you work with are fun – I used to work at (Nick and Christian Candy’s property firm) Candy & Candy and they had a lot of money to throw behind Christmas parties so always they were always really brilliant.

Wallflower or a party animal?

When you’re with someone it’s way more fun to go to parties with them. I’ve never been very good at going to parties on my own, I find it really intimidating. My favourite thing is dancing, I love it – a couple glasses of champagne and a few festive songs is my idea of a good Christmas night out!

Spur of the moment or organised festive fun?

I tend to occasionally have impromptu nights out – that’s why Bubble works so well for me, I can book a sitter in advance if I have an event for work and if something comes up with friends, it’s easy to get a sitter at short notice, to have some flexibility.

Dress up or dress down?

I hate putting on heels and tight dresses, and I only do it if I have to (for a red carpet event or fancy date night). Even then, I’d rather be underdressed than overdressed. I’ve never been a girly girl, I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy. I like boho chic-y vibes, the kind of thing where I can eat and not have to hold my stomach in! Not having to show my tummy is great. I don’t understand how some girls can go out, have a big boozy night out, eat whatever they want, wear those tight dresses and then not even have any bloating at all. It makes me so jealous!

Traditional Christmas or ringing in the new?

Traditional! India and her cousins put mince pie, carrots and sherry out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. The adults have stopped getting stockings which I think is very unfair because my brother and sister are 10 years older than me so they’ve had it for way longer than I have! I took India to Harrods last year to meet Father Christmas with her cousins and she loved it. I took her to midnight mass last year and she was very good through that, so I’ll probably do that again.

Christmas at home or on the beach?

We always have family Christmas at my mum’s house. India’s two cousins are around the same age and they all have their stockings in the morning which is really beautiful, just so lovely to see. My sister was in the National Youth Choir so we have her CD playing on repeat with Christmas songs, big log fires and bucks fizz in the morning. My mum is so lazy now with the cooking so my brother has to do it! We’ll all chip in. It’s great, I do love Christmas.

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