5 easy last-minute Halloween costumes for kids

by | Parent Guides

With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably scrambling for a last-minute costume. Sure, your kid wants to be a dinosaur princess, but somehow this seems pretty hard to execute and why do the good costumes sell out earlier every single year and where did I put that sheet with the holes already in it? *Deep-breaths*.

If this feels all a little too familiar, don’t panic. Bubble is here to help you beat the costume drama with 5 super scary DIY outfits that’ll serve even the fussiest of trick-or-treaters. So if your kids want to be the spookiest on the block, read on…

1. The printer-paper skeleton

Grab a sheet of A4 and start cutting out some bones shapes. Stick them on to a black t-shirt with some tape or safety pins. Bonus points for the ad hoc biology lesson!

2. The kitchen-broom witch

You can’t go wrong with the wickedest of witches. You’re bound to have an old hat lying around (and if not, get creative with printer paper and a stapler!). Don’t forget the kitchen broom or mop to finish off the look.

3. The loo-roll zombie

The clue’s in the name – grab the classic-soft-touch and start wrapping. Remind them to stay extra still to avoid breakage!

4. The no-not-my-good-sheets! Ghost

Grab an old sheet and cut two holes for eyes. Simple. Quick. A classic. Disclaimer: *We strongly recommend supervising sheet selection*

5. The Mr-Pumpkin Head

Grab some orange card, string and googley eyes and make a DIY face mask. Carry around a carved pumpkin for added effect!