Why Binky loves Bubble

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Binky Felstead is a busy woman – she’s a TV star, influencer, entrepreneur and mum to her gorgeous daughter India. She’s also now part of the Bubble team, after joining as an investor and ambassador!

Having been a regular Bubble user for a couple years now, Binky decided to take the next step and get more involved after seeing just how important Bubble is to parents. She spoke to us about how reassuring it is knowing that she’s busy, she can easily get someone trustworthy at home with her daughter – and it’s at her fingertips

Recently, she spoke to us about the pressures on working mums and how Bubble’s flexible childcare gives her the support she needs:

“Being a single and working parent can be quite overwhelming sometimes. Motherhood isn’t easy and it’s invaluable to know that trusted help is always an option. I first started using Bubble because I realised I couldn’t do everything on my own and needed a helping hand. I’ve always been interested in investing and, knowing Bubble so well, it was a no brainer to back a company I love.”

To hear more about her Bubble experience check out the video below, which showcases her incredible sitter Gabrielle and – of course – the gorgeous India:


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