Bubble speaks to the Telegraph

by | Parent Community

The pandemic has hit parents hard. All of the issues with childcare that had been under the surface before Covid-19 have now come to a head – parents are being forced to juggle working from home and looking after their children with little to no assistance.

One working mum who felt particularly passionate about this is Sarah, our CCO. She’s a working mum of three and has experienced first-hand just how essential childcare is to many families’ lives. Working at Bubble strengthened her resolve to speak up for parents who she could see were so clearly struggling.

So, she decided that drastic action was needed. After a couple months of remote working and the government not advocating strongly enough for parents, we needed to take things into our own hands and urge the government and other businesses to do more. She wrote an extensive, personal and well-informed article about the need for government and business leaders to step up and do better in providing their employees with access to quality childcare. 

Her arguments come from both sides of the argument: as a parent, she understands the emotional and practical impact that a lack of childcare has, and as a businesswoman, she knows that access to childcare has great economic value. In her words, “childcare is the invisible safety net that holds our economy together. Without it, all of us, kids, parents and colleagues, simply cannot function in a productive way.”

To read her article and find out more about Bubble’s commitment to affordable, quality childcare, click here.


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