10 Great Christmas Cards Kids Can Make

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Although Christmas 2020 is going to be a strange one, getting the kids to make Christmas cards at home is a wonderful activity to keep the kids busy when there isn’t much else going on! Particularly if your usual festive plans aren’t going ahead and you’re not able to see all of the family/friends you’d like to, sending them over a handmade Christmas card from your children is a surefire way to lift their spirits and keep in contact with them until you can see them next year.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for easy yet fun Christmas cards that kids can make.

1. Washi tape baubles

This is a great one for those of us who love the idea of getting the kids into some festive crafts, but are less keen on the idea of hoovering up the glittery mess that DIY Christmas cards can often result in.

Washi tape comes in handy when making Christmas cards with the kids

Credit: Crafty Kids At Home (via Pinterest)

Get your kids some cute and colourful washi tape (if you don’t already have rolls of it lying around the house…) and let their creativity run wild! The results are some cute, practically zero-mess cards that children of all ages can create – they’re guaranteed to be a hit.

2. Make a Christmas tree from paper strips

This is one of those ideas that’s perfect for those of us with not a lot of crafty bits around the house. All you need is some green and white paper, scissors and a glue stick – and you’re pretty much sorted.

Make a Christmas tree with paper strips

Credit: easypeasyandfun.com

They’re super simple to make but look really impressive – just make sure that these ones are delivered by hand as you wouldn’t want the strips to get flattened in an envelope!

3. Button cards

Does your child want to incorporate more colour into their Christmas card? If so, this design is definitely one to try.

Buttons can add some colour to your children's Christmas card

Credit: Michelle Philippi (via Pinterest)

Raid your sewing drawer (or failing that, just pop to your local craft shop) and select all of the brightest buttons you can find. The result is a seriously cute card adorned with festive lights. Pick up some strong glue for this one – you don’t want any lights any rogue runaway buttons.

4. Handprint cards

Want to keep your cards or send them to someone who’ll hold onto them for years to come? In that case, these adorable handprint cards are the perfect option.

Handprint cards are great for some festive fun

Credit: artycraftykids.com

For these you’ll need some paint, sparkly bits (gems work wonders) and a fair bit of patience…but they’re definitely worth the mess. Not only are they fun and more hands-on for the kids, they’ll also be incredible heartwarming when you stumble on them in the future – when your little one’s hands are not so little anymore!

5. Thumbprint cards

These are kind of like the previous idea, but with a lower chance of getting paint on every bit of furniture in your kitchen. They’re also good for children of all ages, and are very adaptable – you can make reindeer, lights, trees…whatever takes your fancy.

Let your kids get creative with thumbprint Christmas cards

Credit: thejoysharing.com & gemmagarner.com

6. Snowflake Wreath Cards

If you’re feeling up to a trip to the craft store, there are plenty of cute decorations that your kids can incorporate into their Christmas cards.

A simple yet gorgeous Christmas wreath that kids of any age can make

Credit: Carol Longacre (via Pinterest)

We love this idea of using sequins and shimmery bits to create a gorgeous festive wreath – they’ll definitely bring some sparkle to your family’s festive season.

7. Paper Chain Christmas Trees

Most of us will have previously made paper chain snowflakes (or something similar). Why not take it up a level and try out these paper chain Christmas trees – which you can then use to jazz up any simple card design.

Switch up your paper chain game with these Christmas trees

Credit: katherinerosman.com

8. Get playful with pom-poms

Who doesn’t love a pom pom? These gorgeous designs show just a few of the many ways in which your kids can use pom-poms to make a gorgeous festive card.

There are so many different ways to make Christmas cards with pom-poms

Credit: thejoysharing.com

They’re super easy and great fun to make (although you may lose one or two pom poms down the back of the sofa).

9. Pop-up Christmas cards

Want to make a 3d card that’s still post-able? This pop-up Christmas tree design is a great way to do just that – you can switch up your festive cards without worrying about them getting squished on their way to granny’s house.

Make a 3D pop-up card for Christmas

Credit: artsycraftsymom.com

10. Simple snowman card

Sometimes simple really is best. The best thing about these cards are that they can be as simple (or as extravagant) as you like!

Simple snowmen cards are a Christmas classic

Credit: easypeasyandfun.com

If you’ve not got much around the house, just let your kids go wild with some paper and colouring pencils. If you want to ‘Blue Peter’ it up, you can add in some felt, glitter, googly eyes – the possibilities are endless.


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