5 ways to feel less anxious about sitters

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Leaving kids with a sitter for the first time can feel stressful. The most important thing to remember is that a bit of time away is good for you. You cannot pour from an empty cup and time for yourself is important in order to return to parenting refreshed.

So what is there to feel anxious about? Well you may worry about how your child is going to behave with the sitter, and whether they’re going to be happy with someone they don’t know. If it’s a nighttime sit, then what happens if they wake up? It’s normal to have these questions.

We’ve pulled together a list of 5 ways to feel less anxious (because if you’re feeling anxious then you’re definitely not going to enjoy your time away right?).

Meet new sitters beforehand

When you book a sitter with Bubble you can arrange to meet them beforehand or do a call – this means you can chat through your child’s routine, what they love to watch on TV- are they a Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol fan?, what games they enjoy so you know the sitter is equipped with all they need to make the process go smoothly. If it’s a nighttime sit then you can tell them about your child’s favourite toy or whether they’ll need a bottle of milk to settle them if they wake up. The more familiar the sitter is with your child’s routine, the more comfortable your child is likely to be (and the less you have to feel anxious about).

Do your homework

Read through the sitter profiles when you post a job and choose someone that you feel connects with you and your family. Read through their experience but also look through the Q&A’s. When you find a good fit then you’ll feel much more confident and reassured.

Book a daytime sit

Booking a sitter whilst you’re at home. This is a good way to try things out if you’re nervous about going out for a longer period. It will also help your child get used to the idea of someone else playing with them and it can help you feel more confident about them being looked after by someone else.

Set aside activities for your babysitter

If it’s a daytime sit then pull out a few of your child’s favourite toys/activities in advance and set them up in the front room – this provides some familiarity and distraction if you’re planning to go out. Depending on their age colouring in, Lego or Playdoh are all great activities that the sitter can get involved in too.

Leave out some treats

Leave a selection of your child’s favourite snacks out or if you have the time make a mini-packed lunch. This not only makes life easier for the sitter (they know what’s allowed and what isn’t) but also feels like a treat for your child too.

And finally- enjoy your time away. You’ll soon find that you’re planning your next sit and the anxiety will have faded away.