Holiday Clubs

by Bubble

Holiday Clubs are here to let you work and rest during school holidays, while keeping the kids happy, healthy and entertained. You can book Holiday Clubs with your employer subsidy.

Holiday Clubs — By Bubble

What your kids can enjoy

Keeping the kids happy, healthy and entertained.

New skills

Learn new skills under expert guidance


Nurturing friendships and social awareness


Sports, activities and creative sessions

Qualified staff

Experienced, qualified and caring staff

Safety first

Secure settings where safety comes first

Choose from our partners:


Barracudas camps provide exceptional school holiday childcare for 4½ to 14 year olds.

With fantastic facilities, they offer a great value experience for everyone.

Your child will get active, try new things and make new friends whilst developing key life skills and building confidence.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your child is safe, well looked after and having fun!


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  • Available for children aged 4½ to 14 yrs
  • 54 summer camps
  • 6 sessions a day with choice for everyone
  • Flexible hours for working parents from 8am to 6pm

Junior Adventures Group

Junior Adventures Group Holiday Clubs run at nearly 200 locations across the UK.

Providing exceptional experiences for every school holiday, clubs are specially created for children aged 4–11 and are packed with fun activities.

From sports & games to crafts & creative sessions, no two days are the same. Children can unleash their imagination, discover new skills and make friends in a safe, fun, stimulating environment.


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  • Available for children aged 4-11 yrs (some settings from 5 yrs)
  • Nearly 200 holiday clubs
  • Multi-activity programmes and special events
  • Operating hours vary per club


How does my allowance work when booking holiday clubs?

You can book holiday clubs with one of our providers using the allowance provided by your employer. One day at a holiday club uses 4 hours of your Bubble allowance.

Can I book for more than one child on the same day?

Yes. You will use 4 hours of your allowance for 1 day at a holiday club per child.

If I've run out of my allowance, can I still book a holiday club?

Yes, you can still book holiday clubs with our providers once you’ve used up your allowance. However, this won’t be subsidised by your employer and must be paid directly to the club provider.

What if I need to cancel some or all of my holiday club bookings?
Please contact the holiday club provider directly as soon as you know that you need to make amendments to your booking or cancel it. Each holiday club’s T&Cs will apply.
How far in advance can I book a holiday club?

Please check your preferred holiday club provider’s availability. All clubs are now open for the summer holidays.

Can we just turn up on the day or do we need to book in advance?

Holiday Clubs must be booked in advance. To find out how to book using your Bubble allowance, follow the link to your chosen provider above.