Bubble Plus Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern Bubble’s subscription programme – Bubble Plus – for parents using our app. Nothing in these specific terms override any of the terms outlined in Bubble’s main terms and conditions that can be found here.

1.  Bubble Plus customers are exempt from paying the Bubble Booking Fee on all of their sits on the app. 

2. Bubble Plus customers are exempt from paying the Bubble Booking Fee that may be due when they are cancelling a sit at short notice. Being on Bubble Plus does not exempt the customer from any goodwill or compulsory cancellation fees that may be owed to their babysitter, depending on the timing and nature of their cancellation.

3. Bubble Plus customers are liable to pay the Trust & Safety Fee due on all of their sits on the Bubble app. This fee is a % of the value of their sit, and whilst lower than a non-subscriber, is still payable by subscribers.

4. Only customers who subscribe to a three or six-month subscription, are eligible to use Bubble’s Regular Help booking feature.

5. Regular Help Money Back Guarantee. Bubble offers a money back guarantee to customers who subscribe to a three or six-month Bubble Plus plan in order to use our Regular Help feature. This guarantee kicks in only if a customer posts a Regular Help request and receives zero applicants to their request. For clarity, this guarantee does not apply if a customer posts a Regular Help request and receives at least one applicant to their job on the Bubble app. It does not apply if they have posted other Regular Help requests which have received any applicants. It does not apply if the customer has been booking adhoc sits on Bubble and benefiting from the reduced fees on those sits by virtue of being a subscriber.

6. Cancellation Guarantee. All Bubble Plus customers benefit from a cancellation guarantee, whereby Bubble will credit their account with [£30] if a babysitter cancels their sit at short notice, and the Bubble Customer support team is unable to source the customer a suitable replacement option. For a cancelled sit to qualify for this credit payment, each of the following criteria must be met: The sit is cancelled with less than [24] hours’ notice, and with more than [3] hours’ notice before the sit start time

  • The sit is cancelled by the sitter
  • The parent did not change the details of their sit, causing the sitter to cancel
  • The parent informed Bubble Customer Support team via the Live Chat option within [1] hour of their sit being cancelled, requesting help in finding a replacement
  • Bubble’s Customer Support team was notified of this request between the hours of 8am and 8pm, Monday – Sunday
  • Bubble’s Customer Success team does not provide at least one suitable replacement option for the customer

7. Your Bubble Plus subscription will renew automatically unless cancelled by you ahead of your next renewal date.

8. You can cancel your Bubble Plus subscription at any time by emailing support@joinbubble.com or by contacting our customer success team using the app’s Live Chat function. When you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to use the benefits of that subscription up until the date of its expiry. 

9. No refund of your subscription is due if you do not cancel ahead of your renewal date, or if you choose not to make use of the service during your subscription period.