Why does healthcare need to be so complicated? Whether you have a pressing health concern or you’re just looking for a bit of reassurance, healthcare can sometimes seem so impersonal, inefficient and inaccessible.

But at Bubble, we are bringing healthcare expertise at the touch of a button. Simply start a chat with one of our highly qualified healthcare specialists, share your concerns and get peace of mind in moments. 

If you have a question about children, pregnancy or women’s health, Bubble is here to help when you need it most. Meet the clinicians that make our service so special.

Joanna Coleman – Midwifery

– 12 years midwifery experience.

– Specialist Homebirth Midwife.

– Highly experienced working in hospital, community and hypnobirthing settings.

“If you are anything like me, I always forget to ask my questions when coming face to face with healthcare professionals, it’s a distinct talent. But this provides a safe and reliable platform to get professional advice at your convenience.”

Dr Fran Cleugh – Paediatrics

– 20 Years Paediatric experience

– Paediatric Emergency Medicine consultant

– Developed a nationally recognised “Hospital at Home” programme to treat unwell children at home

“We know having a sick child can make anyone anxious. Offering easy access to advice, reassurance and possible treatment from the right person and the right time is the obvious solution

Dr Rebecca Cox – Women’s Health

– 12 Years Women’s health experience

– General Practitioner with advanced Women’s Health qualifications, 

– Academic and national campaigner on Women’s health

“Women’s Health issues are historically under-diagnosed, under-treated and often not considered in the spectrum of health. How can half the population spend large periods of their life suffering when help is available?”

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