Bubble Care Hours — what are they?

Your Bubble Care Hours are provided by your employer and you can use them to pay for in-home childcare. Your employer may also allow you to use these hours to pay for holiday clubs, petcare and eldercare. 

For holiday clubs, eldercare and petcare, one Bubble Care Hour may have a different value: 

  • If you book one day at a holiday club for one child, we will deduct 4 hours from your Bubble wallet.
  • For in-home eldercare, typically one hour is equal to one and a half Bubble Care Hours. However, for some types of specialist care the charge may be higher.
  • When you use our petcare service, an hour of care has a value of £15.


How do I pay using my Bubble Care Hours?

When you pay for your care we will deduct the hours of care used from your wallet. 

  • For in-home childcare you will book a sit and the hours will automatically be deducted from your invoice when you pay. Note that you may still have to validate your payment method even if you are not paying for any hours of care yourself.
  • For Petcare services you request a sitter and then agree a price for the petcare service. On payment your Bubble Care Hours will be worth £15. For example, if you agree that a sitter will look after your pet for £45, we will deduct 3 care hours from your wallet.
  • For holiday clubs you will need to book via our partner’s website which you access via the Bubble app homepage. You can convert your Bubble Care Hours into a voucher for a day of holiday clubs with a quick message to our support team using our in-app live chat.
  • For Eldercare you will need to book via our partner’s website which you access via the Bubble app homepage. When you make your booking on Curam’s site we will be alerted and be able to inform them how much of your booking is covered by your Bubble Care Hours allowance.


What happens if I don’t have enough Bubble Care Hours to pay for my booking?

If you don’t have enough Bubble Care Hours to cover your full booking then you will need to pay for the excess using your own payment method. This will be calculated automatically when you finish a sit and make your payment.


What happens when my Bubble Care Hours run out?

When you use up all of your allowance you can continue to make bookings using Bubble. You will pay for the cost of care, but you will still have benefits including:

  • No booking fees 
  • Reduced service fees
  • Access to Eldercare support
  • Monthly events


More questions?

Talk to our team on live chat.